Importing Lightroom XMP sidecars

I fully accept that importing the LR development stuff doesn’t work well in dt. Then why is it mandatory? Why can’t I choose not to have dt import all that stuff since it cannot do a good job with it? That is the whole point of this thread: It doesn’t work well so I don’t want it. How can I turn that off?

That would destroy all my LR XML sidecar files. I don’t want to destroy them. They are used by LR.

Why not just have an option in dt that says only import the metadata stuff and ignore the development stuff?

If you think this is an important feature, best thing is to raise a feature request on github:

You could version control your XMP files or work on a duplicate set of XMPs.

The XSLT to rid yourself of the LR processing steps is likely to be straight forward, if you’re interested in help

Thank you to everyone.

I tried this again with 3.4.0 and the result is the same. The extra, incorrect development steps put in by importing a photo with the Lightroom XMP file are not removed.

Here is an update on using the discard history command after playing around with it some more. It works for only editing steps I explicitly do myself. It unfortunately does not discard mandatory and unwanted ones done by the Lightroom XMP file importer.

I thought I would update this thread with a bit more info.

I submitted a bug report:

Discard history does not remove Lightroom emulated steps #7594

And a feature request:

Importer for Lightroom XMP sidecars should allow only getting metadata #7595