Iris Blur Bokeh Effect?

(Jonathan Moerman) #21


I have updated CMakeLists.txt and updated INSTALL, now you can install the plugin with make install:

cmake -DPLUGIN_DIR="/some/path" ..
make install

The default installation path is set to /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #22

@Jonathan_Moerman @Morgan_Hardwood
I have include the focusblur plugin into my GIMp AppImage. It would be great if you could help me to test it and report any issues you might find…

Here is the link to the AppImage package:

One just needs to download the package, make it executable, and run it.


(Morgan Hardwood) #23

I gave it a brief spin when I wrote the script, and it did seem to work, though the preview didn’t handle the gamma encoding of the working space well as the preview was dark when my image was in linear mode. The preview in the plugin window is also still of the old type which cannot be resized.

(Kevin Payne) #24

I recently saw this video about creating bokeh on the Computerphile channel: