Is there an interest to support Canon EOS 5D Mark IV dual pixel raw files in RT?


Is it a special kind of file you need? Close or far subject? Low or high DOF? Focal length?

(Ingo Weyrich) #22

Just upload files with different shooting conditions. I will ask again, if I need more. Currently it’s quite cool to get some interest on this issue again to get motivation for further work on this.



Great that you gain motivation from interest in a feature :grinning:. I think the highlight reconstruction is a nice thing but it’s unlikely that I shoot double size raws for the potential possibility to get better highlight under very special circumstances. However, even a very rough depth map would be a feature I see real use cases. There I know before that I require it and would switch on dual px raw. E.g. for greenbox purposes.

Next time I use the camera I will try some dual raw shots, but that won’t be soon.

Edit: It seems that other dual px tech is used for depth computation: Don’t know if the tech is comparable.

(Sander Knopper) #24

Just so everyone knows, I’ve sent @heckflosse a pm with a link to a bunch of raw files :slight_smile: