Issue: EXIF_HOUR shifted by 1 hour

I’ll give southern Africa :earth_africa: a try for my next file import and report back here how it went.

Moving to the Africa/Johannesburg time zone did the trick. Now the time in the file name matches that from the EXIF tag. A bit cumbersome, but it’s a viable workaround.

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Didn’t Germany have a colony down there about a Century ago?

If I have understood your problem correctly, there is another solution possible: by setting

  • Windows (using Win’s own UI, which will change the BIOS clock as well; no need to use regedit)
  • Linux
  • and perhaps your camera/phone &c

to work on local time.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Schweden

Well, that’s exactly how I’ve set everything up. All are on local time (CEST). The problem (bug #5802 ) is that dt adds one hour to the (correct) time read from the EXIF tag when the compter’s system time has DST on. That’s why I need to move to Jo’burg time zone before I import images from card.

Oh, and no, South Africa has never been a German colony. Namibia and Tanzania were. Not that it did much good to any of those countries.