Last call for color-target shots for inclusion in RawTherapee 5

(Morgan Hardwood) #41

@Jonas_Wagner I hope you are recovering well from your balcony injury. On closer examination the photo has quite strong motion blur which sometimes makes argyll-scanin fail miserably, and other times it works. When it works the DE values are fine. I will add it as we have nothing better, but I hope you can send in a set of D810 D65+StdA shots without motion blur, as per

@ilias_giarimis I did as you asked:

  1. Which DCP should I use for RT5 released later today?
  2. Should I set D810’s white level to 15700 in camconst.json for RT5?

(Morgan Hardwood) #42

You’re quoting point 1, while it’s point 2 which is for LENR. “Built-in noise reduction” = LENR.

Thank you for the shots. Looking forward to a tungsten cc24 shot.

@ilias_giarimis will you process those D800 photos or should I?

(Ilias Giarimis) #43

Sorry for being so late … I can start now with d810.dcp evaluations and camconst.json updates (D810, D800) … but it will take some hours … when is the dead line for RT5.0 ?

The case with Nikon unequal WL is an old one where a user and sample contributor (RusselCottlell) mentioned that it was not working well … since then RT’s highlight handling changed and no further evaluation took place :frowning: so I am not sure about this but I think that equal WLs (same as the converted to DNG NEFs) should work better for profiling.
Are the logs of building these Dcps available ?.

(Morgan Hardwood) #44

@ilias_giarimis we just released RawTherapee 5.0. I used the 15700 DCP and left the WL in camconst.json as it was before - that was my best interpretation of what you meant. I tested it on a few shots and saw no problems. We can always improve things for 5.1.

(Pata Kreyp) #45

I will not be able to perform tungsten lit shots of my X-Rite Passport until at least the end of the week (not sure yet).

Short reason: somebody stole the parcel with the tungsten bulbs I had ordered :frowning:

Longer story: this morning before going to work, I checked my mailbox and saw that the parcel had been delivered, but as I was already a bit late, I decided to let it inside the mailbox (instead of securing it in my flat, two stories upstairs). When I came back at noon, the parcel was gone.

My facial expression when I opened my mailbox again at noon to find it empty, was certainly interesting :astonished:

I am quite sure the person who stole this parcel will be be disappointed.

I ordered again the bulbs. Waiting…

(Morgan Hardwood) #46

It will end up costing them more in electricity bills… :smile:

(Jonas Wagner) #47

[quote=“Morgan_Hardwood, post:41, topic:3080”]
I hope you are recovering well from your balcony injury.
[/quote]Thank you!


(Pata Kreyp) #48

Got my tungsten bulbs! Not stolen this time ! :joy:

I’ll take the shots this week-end.

Is it interesting to also provide X-Rite Passport (both sun and tungsten bulb) shots for the Sony Rx100 (first model)?

(Morgan Hardwood) #49

We’ll take all the cameras you got.

(Pata Kreyp) #50

Here are three RAW shots of X-Rite Passport (link):

  • Nikon D800 under tungsten lighting (_DSC8149.NEF)
  • Sony RX100 (model 1) under sun lighting (_DSC0503.ARW)
  • Sony RX100 (model 1) under tungsten lighting (_DSC0502.ARW)

I did not succeed making a dual illuminant profile, the Colorchecker application kept telling that the tungsten DNG file was not a proper one (although I made a profile with it alone…).

Hope it works for you :slight_smile:

(Morgan Hardwood) #51

@Pata_Kreyp could you re-upload the D800 tungsten shot, and the other shots?

(Philip B) #52

I see there is a D800. Any point to upload my D800e ? Im guessing same sensor so likely not?

(Morgan Hardwood) #53

I only have a daylight photo for the D800, so yes, please upload both shots.


I saw this (older) topic.
But do you need sample shots, made with a Nikon D800E?
I’m willing to contribute.

If so, please let me know what/how. I also have the Colorchecker passport available.

(Morgan Hardwood) #55

@PanoMeister @PhilipB I need daylight and tungsten shots for both the D800 and D800E. Even if the sensors are the same, the lack of an optical low-pass filter on the D800E means there could be a difference in color response, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to profile both.

Please follow the instructions carefully:


Ok, will do the daylight shots today.
But the tungsten shots will be somewhat difficult… :wink: we don’t have any old fashioned tungsten light bulbs in our home anymore… Everything is either CFL or high cri LED lighting.

(Morgan Hardwood) #57

@PanoMeister the tungsten shots are the most important, as colors in daylight are usually much better out-of-the-box than non-daylight ones. Maybe you have some lying around in the garage or electricity room, or the neighbor has one? If all else fails, there’s ebay.


@Morgan_Hardwood. I’ve just shot 3x (-1, 0, +1 EV) RAW files with my Nikon D800E in the sun with the colorchecker passport.
I’ve renamed the .NEF files accordingly.
NikonD800EDyLght-1EV.NEF (39.4 MB)
NikonD800EDyLght0EV.NEF (40.6 MB)
NikonD800EDyLght 1EV.NEF (41.9 MB)

description for all 3 files:
Nikon D800E Colorchecker passport daylight testshot for RT DCP color profiling.
Shot in Lelystad, The Netherlands.
Colorchecker passport is approx. 2 years old. Only used/exposed to daylight <20 times.

For the tungsten shots, I’ll keep on searching for something appropriate… please hold on for that.

(Flössie) #59

Hint: I found one in an old construction site lamp socket. And there are always people in your neighborhood hording now-forbidden things like tungsten bulbs, CFC fridges, Glyphosate, etc. There might even be hoovers with a tremendous wattage near by. :grin:

(Ingo Weyrich) #60

In germany, tungsten bulbs are still allowed for the baking oven.