Latest Linux builds?

I’m wondering if there’s a link to download the latest RB-2.3 branch builds for Linux. Or, does one have to build from scratch, at this point? If so, are the build instructions up to date on the .md file on github?


Only releases are available as far as I know, so you will have to build your own.

The build documentation looks ok, if you have any issues etc just ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I’ll see if I can build it, then.

For reference, this is my config.pri file:

boost: LIBS += -lboost_serialization
PKGCONFIG += expat
PKGCONFIG += fontconfig
cairo {
        PKGCONFIG += cairo
        LIBS -=  $$system(pkg-config --variable=libdir cairo)/libcairo.a
pyside: PYSIDE_PKG_CONFIG_PATH = $$system($$PYTHON_CONFIG --prefix)/lib/pkgconfig:$$(PKG_CONFIG_PATH)
pyside: PKGCONFIG += pyside
pyside: INCLUDEPATH += $$system(env PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$$PYSIDE_PKG_CONFIG_PATH pkg-config --variable=includedir pyside)/QtCore
pyside: INCLUDEPATH += $$system(env PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$$PYSIDE_PKG_CONFIG_PATH pkg-config --variable=includedir pyside)/QtGui

You might need to adjust this to your system. Make sure you have dev packages for qt4, pyside, shiboken, expat, cairo installed and you should be good to go. Note that the plugins has different (and many more) depends.

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