Local Adjustements 2


In doubt, I made a small modification for “Show modifications with or whitout mask”
Commit 05d9362

Now, you can set the intensity of the changes. it is different from “Preview selection deltaE”
Here it is important that there is a concordance between the desired modifications (L, C, H) and their overview (it’s not the case for Preview selection dE)

I change the label in settings

Old : Color preview selection dE
New : Color preview selection dE - Intensity Show modifications

with setting at 1, same result as before, at 5 or -5 important increasing and for 15…


I also feel bad about English …

In other words, the idea I wanted is to recover the operation (or performance or code) that was in “Preview selection AE” of 1765-ga4ef7e8b6 and put it in “Show modifications whithout mask”.

Well, I’ll try Commit 05d9362 to see how it goes …

Well, I’ve already tried it. It’s OK now.
Only it remains to shorten the name of the label a bit:
instead of “Color preview selection dE - Intensity Show modifications”
put “Color preview selection dE and Intensity” or similar.

Thanks, I will continue testing.

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Ok I am happy now, We have found together what was the problem…

It’s not code - or at least not code to process - but only a multiplier to best see the differences .

I will change soon the label

Thank you :slight_smile:
An good testing :sweat_smile:

Label change commit 54e298e

I tested the Win 32-bit versions from:




And they both crash when RT starts.


I don’t know for your links, but now I think builds are here

Others new
I added a new tool to “wavelet pyramid”
it is a tool that exists in the main version but that I carried locally…much work

This tool is “Edge sharpness
Certainly the appearance is deceptive and looks complex, the algorithm is complex…But the result is (for me) very good.

In summary you can use local contrast only on the edges.

And to better see the effects of each setting, better than a long speech, activate “show modifications whithout mask” (whith or whithout coloration)

Then try, the default settings should often be fine, just activate with “strength”, “wavelet levels” and “scope” (as others tools in Local adjustements"


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The only link I have to RTW32NightlyBuilds is this one:





are there but they both crash when RT starts.

Is there a link to get the new one?


I don’t know perhaps @gaaned92 can update ?


it’s been a while since the local branch hasn’t been updated: is there still some work on it? what is the road map? Is it expected to merge it in the next release?
Thank you for your answer

Regularly I merge with dev.
The last merge is yesterday


  1. I don’t change the algorithm or code because @Pandagrapher is working on GUI : it is the actual roadmap. When this work on GUI will be done, I will bring some improvments (not very important, but to ensure best behavior)

  2. I do not control the builds