Looking for better Hugin and panorama stitching experience


(Alex Mozheiko) #21

Morgan, I should admit that I had underestimated Hugin. I took a look at AutopanoGiga. It was good, however very limited in options. All this time I paid studying poor materials available for Hugin. Now, having looked deeper into stitching parameters, I have discovered a lot of space for my workflow improvement. Because sometimes I do heavy panoramas, I had to fine-tune and update multi-row stacked panorama profile. Therefore I used a lot of extra parameters for CP cleaning and multirow/stacked projects I learned in manuals and it worked like a charm producing results way better that Autopano.
One of simple tweaks I ballparked along the way, for panoramas created with camera mounted on L-plate/bracket vertically, was using panoramic lens setting instead of normal for horizontal panoramas.