LUTs not sorted properly

Hi folks,

Another beginner DT question here. I’ve loaded in my LUTs, but none of them appear in order even though in my Finder window (macOS) they’re all sorted well alphabetically.

A couple of screenshots:

Finder window:


Any suggestions on how to fix this are welcome, thanks.

Hi @iliketoeditphotos ,
I am not a McPerson, but still:
From where did you obtain the HaldCLUTs?
And: what dt version are you using?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

There was some recent fix or edit to LUT sorting…

Maybe here
Seems to be merged

Using the latest version of DT. The HaldCLUTs are available over at the RawTherapee’s RawPedia page:

Thanks for that. I am completely lost with Github however, how do I implement their fix (on macOS)?


From where did you obtain your version of darktable?
Sounds as if it is wisest to wait until your source has
become updated and then fetch it anew.

You could try this one…

Well I think there are build instructions but if you search the forum you will find a post from Marten where he posts updated osx builds

I got it from the DT website:

Thank you for pointing me to that. Just installed it and the LUTs are sorted properly now.