Manual lenses, anyone?


(Stefan Chirila) #21

@RawConvert gosh I love the bokeh on that! could you provide the full size ones for usage as wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue: ?


They only listen to the pros, not the rest of us. :joy_cat:

Won’t you get sick of the baked beans? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Maple syrup is my favourite flavour.

(Stefan Chirila) #23

@afre I meant the blue and the green bokeh pictures :stuck_out_tongue: and I absolutely love maple syrup. luckily it’s relatively cheap (compared to other places) here in Canada :slight_smile:

(Andrew) #24

hi @stefan.chirila, here they are plus one more - (18.2 MB)

I tried to do 16bit tiffs but it’s rather big, so it’s jpegs. Enjoy!

(Andrew) #25

P.S. The green was a bush, the blue was stone chippings, the beans from a supermarket.

(Stefan Chirila) #26

@RawConvert hanks a lot :slight_smile: I sometimes enjoy setting my background to some blurry mess of a solid colour. I’m not even sure myself why, but it helps clear the clutter in my mind