Midi Controller for Darktable

Very good, you did your homework and know how many users we have. :slight_smile:

A quick google search indicates that the KORG nano* should work under Linux.

Yes I would definitely be up for it.
A suggestion, why doesn’t Pixls have a central ‘fund’ we can donate small amounts to, for things like this when they come up.


After all the talk about a MIDI controller for darktable I think I will start building one myself with an Arduino. Sound like a fun little project.


Oh my: http://www.loupedeck.com/

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That’s where I already got some inspiration from for the thing I want to build. Of course it won’t be as flawless but the functionality might be similar. I already ordered some sample chips and will bug @andabata once I got stuck. :smiley:

I bought a behringer bcf-2000 second hand for use with lightroom but hoping to be able to use it with dt some day

Short update: The first batch of parts to experiment with (Arduinos, rotary encoders, linear faders, buttons, LEDs, …) is ordered and about to be delivered soonish. I’ll keep you posted.


And another update: The Arduino and the I2C GPIO chips are still not here. However, pixls managed to collect some money and BOUGHT A KORG NANOKONTROL2! How cool is that folks? The community managed to bribe me into writing Midi support for darktable! :joy:

More news will follow once that thing is here (Amazon estimated Friday).


Well shit, I haven’t even donated yet!

That’s why we didn’t get those fancy palettegear blocks. :slight_smile:

Great news! :slight_smile:
Is it possible to work in Kdenlive, Krita and GIMP with it then?
That would awsome. Especially in Kdenlive.

Palletgear was supposed to hook me up with a hardware api, but never did. I’d rather have generic midi support though :wink:

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You’d need to take it up with the developers of each application. I’m not sure what I’d do with midi support gimp or krita, both have good wacom/tablet support, which I think is a better input device for those applications. But I wouldn’t want to use a wacom in Darktable, it doesn’t make a lot of sense!

Hm, me2, has there been a special campaign or was it just the general pixls.us donations?

I catched up and gave my $0.02 to pixls.us as I always do, but literally this time and not exactly $0.02 :wink:, if you are still dreaming about this palettegear stuff … Otoh, they did not implement the dt interface themselves, which is a reason for not buying their stuff :smiling_imp:.

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I don’t think there was a special campaign… I didn’t see one.

Gimp has MIDI support:

No, there wasn’t any specific campaign. And the gadget I got is so cheap (44€ with free shipping) that the normal donations were able to cover it. Since it is a class compliant Midi device it should enable me to write generic Midi support that should work with every other such device. Note the abundance of shoulds. :slight_smile:

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Ah, to bad. I was hoping for an “Advent calender” style crafting series

Let's make a Midi controler for darktable in 24 days with @houz!



It’s still a week. We will see. :smiley:

This is great news. I hope this support works with my BCF. Have you any ideas on how you will implement the slider/rotaries to darktabls modules sliders config. I’m guessing text config file.