Milky Way over the caribbean sea

Thanks to the couple of depressions/storms/hurricane on the atlantic ocean, this week we got nice clear skies in Guadeloupe, which is rare for the season (we’re in the middle of the hurricane season here, and when it’s not raining the sky is full of Saharan dusts). Last evening, I decided to go to the beach and capture the Milky Way, on the Caribbean sea side of the island.

This is a stack of 10 frames at 20" exposure, f/2.8, 12mm (APS-C), iso 3200. Fully processed in Siril (with bias, dark and flat field corrections) twice (for background and foreground), composited in Gimp, further processed in ART “lesstools”.

We can see Jupiter (the brightest object) and Antares reflecting on the sea. Notice the orange tint of Antares’ reflection (at the top left of Jupiter’s reflection)? It’s a red giant star.


Stunning!! This makes me want to have a go at astrophotography. BTW, what is ART? I’ve seen reference to it a couple of times.

Thanks Julian. ART is forked from RawTherapee by @agriggio. Some info here: ART (the software) news - #15 by srgmro