minimalistic image viewer with proper color management

+1 for Geeqie. I think that is the fast viewer out there. It is also very customizable.
Have you tried Showfoto? It is a part of digiKam project. It does not use the digiKam’s database so it could be fast (turn off splash screen though).
I also use Gwenview but it probably isn’t minimalistic for you (since Geeqie isn’t).

I need neither toolbars nor most of the right click menu. About thumbnails i am not sure. Depends on whether the file manager can show thumbs. I d say i d try to remove the dependecy from gtk. If i could. Sorry for the typos i dont have a keyboard at the moment.

$ geeqie -s .
$ geeqie -t .

No file navigator, just the first image in the cwd. I scrolled through the rest of the images wiht the mousewheel, speedy-quick. All the goodness of geeqie, including CM. Linux only…

Edit: okay not so simple, geeqie wants all instances to look the same, need to explore the preferences.

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Perhaps you may like PhotoQT?

It seems a nice viewer, although in my machine there are certain raw files that show odd colors. I can’t say that they are related to certain raw file formats, as there are cr2 files correctly rendered, while others show a cast color.

With nef files it shows a correctly rendered image, it’s quick, no gtk, and as simple on screen as you want. I haven’t a lot of experience with it, though, so you have to test it to see if it suits you.

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Try feh:
I’m not sure if it’s color managed though.

I know feh. Not color managed. Thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

Plus a minamalistic image viewer which you can also batch resize and export images, to a certain folder?

Pix on Linux Mint is good for that, except it’s not colour managed, nor is it installable on Kubuntu 20.04