New Filmulator Feature: Quick Pipeline



I made a few more changes. Now it has slightly reduced memory consumption.


One more to test:

It wasn’t writing EXIF data before.


I just fixed yet another bug, but it’s the first time I’ve ever come across a triple-redundant bug.

Basically, I needed the full-res pipeline to cancel computation as soon as any slider changes, so as to hasten the rendering of the quick preview. But in some circumstances, when the parameter changes were made later in the pipeline the currently worked-on step, it would never go back and recompute the quick preview, so the view would take a while to update.

So in the code, I had it check that two boolean variables were true before it would abort computation.

  1. The first one, which is set to true when any changes are made to the processing parameters.
  2. The second one, which is set to true if this is a full-res pipeline that follows after a quick pipeline

Sounds good, right?


Firstly, the first variable (that is supposed to be true when a change is made) never got set to true. Ever.

I fixed that, but it still didn’t work.

Then I noticed that the second variable, indicating that the pipeline was a follower, never got set for the follower pipeline.

I fixed that, but it still didn’t work.

Finally, I realized that half the time (the important ones, incidentally!), the first variable was being set to false immediately before being checked for truth.


Anyway, here’s the latest AppImage.


After another week of testing, I decided that this is ready to merge into the dev branch.

A few small features (one of which I just finished) and then Filmulator will be ready for a new release.