New LightZone Release (4.2)

Thank you!

I attach screenshots.

Lightzone with lens correction and without, and rawtherapee before-after.

Raw from Canon Powershot G12.

As for the slowiness… here is a video whilst editing. Maybe i did something wrong, anyway here from min 59 to around 1:14 : . I don’t know for how long the video will stay online.

Also i tried to add vignetting but maybe i did something really wrong, i need to read the fine manual :smiley:

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I really liked the way Lightzone was laid out. It was the lack of lens correction, the poor denoising and the speed that stopped me using it.

Every way to share editing tips on lightzone is commendable. Thank you. I’ll put it into practice.

Btw, maybe it wasn’t that clear, lightzone makes chromatic aberrations much worser with correction enabled, whilst Raw Therapee makes them almost invisible.

I haven’t looked at Lightzone for a few years. I used to like it. Its a shame it doesn’t have a forum here. It’s latest version is 4.2.2 released last month. I’m feeling a bit left behind with the recent change of direction of darktable so I’m looking at Lightzone, Art and Filmulater!

We have reached out to them and they’re not interested. I don’t think we have a knowledgeable enough base here to support LZ without some help from the devs.

I love lightzone, it’s my fast, easy to use, but powerful and my primary way to develop raw file.
This software is way underrated in my humble opinion.
The way tools are made, you can do FTL post processing with your own styles, blending modes, color and range. It’s an incredible piece of software.

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They are a curious bunch, for some time they required registration to download. That may have been while transitioning from defunct commercial project to open source.

Yes. We helped get the registration barrier removed :slight_smile:


The Lightzone forum isn’t that active. Could we set up a sub-forum here as it seems theres a few Lightzone users on Pixls. Would it be bad manners to set one up without their approval?
Its been over 6 years since I last used Lightzone (according to my registration details) and I’d forgotten how much fun the zone system was in this software.

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Sort of. We asked, they declined. That is OK with us, we don’t force ourselves where we are not wanted.

We also try not to create categories that won’t be used.

This doesn’t prevent you from posting in the general Software or Processing categories.

Sadly I feel that LightZone is dying

A relatively good way to gauge the popularity health of a software (IMVHO) can be youtube (dates of tutorials or reviews or pseudo top 5 ot top 10 software video), and there is nothing from the last 9 months (1 video) then 1 or 2 video 11 months ago, then nothing, and most video are 7 to 4 years old (video in Spanish, German, French that shows YT in the results are as old)

Today I also went to their website it seems to be broken as I cannot log in anymore to the forum as I got the:
This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


That would be a shame. I’ve just watched some of those youtube videos by Theirry Martin and he gets really good results with LZ. It is an unusual piece of software and I’m definitely going to use it again.
I did log into the forum and it is still running ok but posts are very infrequent. I just feel that if they embraced Pixls.US with all the amazing contribtors here it will give it a new lease of life. I did try to post yesterday on their forum but it didn’t work for me (I think I overloaded it as it wasn’t clear my post was submitted so I think I sent the same post four or more times!!)

I’ve just re-posted successfully this time. Apparently it didn’t like my use of a vpn.

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They have been attempting to fix the forum, but I believe that it is proving tricky as whatever the problem is does not affect all users attempting to login.

It might be worth you mentioning your VPN problem on the Lightzone site if you can log in again.
It might help point them in the right direction for a fix.
I’ve not been able to login to the Forum there myself for quite some time.


I followed the trick on their forum (ask for a new password) and it works via the link sent by email :ok_hand:

This response from Sfink16 " The thread for login issues can be found HERE. I’m not certain what the issues are, nor do I run this site or have knowledge of how to fix it. Obviously you also figured out the workaround to log in and post messages. I hope that the problem(s) are fixed soon.

To your previous concern about Pixils sub-forum, can you or Rmec19 do the leg work to start the sub-forum? Personally I don’t have the time due to moving and selling my other home. Also, I am not familiar with Pixils, other than Rmec19 introducing it here.

Also, my skills are very limited and typically excel at old technology such as COBOL mainframe programming, not today’s technolgogy. Any skills gained today come from visiting YouTube to review.


I have responded; "Thank you Steve for the prompt response. This may be a daft question but who maintains Lighzone and would they be happy to see a sub-forum set up on Pixls? Have a quick look at Pixls I’m just a member and have no coding skills. I just feel that LZ could benefit from being represented on there.

I too am not any sort of coder, and as far as Lightzone while I am able to contact the person who is responsible for the maintenance of the site itself (Tex) I can do little other than pass on what is being said here in the hope that he would be happy for a sub forum to be established at PIXLS.US.

As has been said PIXLS has offered to help before, but it was not followed up at the Lightzone end at the time.

I do think that the software is too good just to be allowed to just fade away - it is still be developed, but it needs people to know it exists and build its user base (which would hopefully attract more developers to the project.

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I couldn’t agree more

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