New shadows/highlights tool with enhanced halo control

Arch say that have this app in AUR only.

The AppImage should also work fine on ARCH. Could you try this package please? You just need to download it, make it executable, and run it…

And another thing: I feel that sliders working too rough.

You mean that the steps are too big?

Yes, size is small and steps are big.

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For good example see sliders in RawTherapee.

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I am currently working on improving the UI layout. If you could give me a list, even partial, of sliders that you feel “rough” that would be really helpful!

Here is a preview of the new slider arrangement:


As I saw, the best example that I’m using is RawTherapee. Here is sample:

More experimentation on my part. It is simpler using the same parameters per iteration but requires more iterations than PF’s incremental guided filter. Excuse the crop. The sample input image didn’t have the same dimensions as the output one. As edge is concerned, I like mine a bit more but mine still has a low freq texture throughout.