New Sigmoid Scene to Display mapping


Format should be only set as “%” ?

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Unrelated: do you have another font? It looks different, especially the tall 1.

Recent change on current master ?

I tried the remote add’s in my new empty folder but of course they didn’t work! What do I need to do, starting from nothing, please? E.g.

mkdir -p ~/sigmoid/darktable-code
cd ~/sigmoid/darktable-code
What next?

Just clone it (Jandren) and checkout that branch (sigmoid tone mapping) and do a separate build in a folder called sigmoid…

My regular build dir is under home\darktable and my sigmoid one is home\sigmoid\darktable…so build in home\sigmoid\darktable\build…

Just use the generic instructions…

I’m on Windows so i create packages and then install and use a custom config directory to keep them separate…

Pretty straightforward

EDIT there may be a slicker way but this works and I keep both separate…any updates…git pull build again

That may be possible to do this way but I only know the other way around. First you have to set up the normal darktable build chain. As you want a one shot build you can do this:

$ git clone
$ cd darktable
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/darktable_or_what_you_want ../.
$ sudo make install

This should give you a running darktable master branch. Then, you grab the jandren’s work:

$ git remote add jandren
$ git fetch jandren
$ git checkout -b sigmoid_tone_mapping --track jandren/sigmoid_tone_mapping
$ git rebase master
$ sudo make install

EDIT: I’ve forgotten the usual submodules before the cmake:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

@phweyland , thanks again. It all seemed to go ok down to “git rebase master” but when I did “sudo make install” plus my password, I got the following -

make: *** No rule to make target 'install'. Stop.

Any thoughts please?

If it helps, this is what I did in total -

mkdir -p ~/DT-top/sigmoid5/darktable-code
cd ~/DT-top/sigmoid5/darktable-code
git clone ~/DT-top/sigmoid5/darktable-code
git checkout master
git config submodule.src/tests/integration.update none
git submodule init
git submodule update
./ --prefix $HOME/DT-top/sigmoid5 --build-type Release --jobs 5
cmake --build "/home/bill/DT-top/sigmoid5/darktable-code/build" --target install -- -j5
git remote add jandren
git fetch jandren
git checkout -b sigmoid_tone_mapping --track jandren/sigmoid_tone_mapping
git config --global ""
git config --global "RawConvert"
git rebase master
sudo make install

You should be in build folder to run make install, shouldn’t you ?

The build script will create and or go there but to do the commands coming after that would you not have to back out first and then go back in to build sigmoid ?? Could this be the issue… you are using the actual commands and he is using the script??

So I did
cd ~/DT-top/sigmoid5/darktable-code/build
sudo make install
This seemed to work ok, then I did
$HOME/DT-top/sigmoid5/bin/darktable --cachedir $HOME/.cache/sigmoid-5 --configdir $HOME/.config/sigmoid-5

but this had no Sigmoid module in it. 3.9.0+869~g07d86ce04
But the timestamp on the file looks right.

There’s also a darktable in $HOME/DT-top/sigmoid5/darktable-code/build/bin but it’s the same version and has no sigmoid module.

Sorry to be a pain with this! Any further steers please?!

I gave you my best advice…If you can set up regular DT master and build that okay…then just repeat the same process… Just this time clone Jandren’s repo and use a separate directory called sigmoid. Use the exact same process as building the master. No merge , remote , rebase etc…as I said maybe not elegant but its simple and it works …

@RawConvert we are polluting the thread. Let’s continue on private.
@priort, yes your way is simpler, but for some reason there is a problem with dng file for this version. The issue seems to have gone when rebased against master.

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Or, you could create a new thread for that, which is preferable, since other people could benefit from the discussion.


@phweyland has been very helpful (and patient!) and I’ve just built 3.9 with sigmoid, and it doesn’t crash importing raws, so RESULT. I’ve a busy weekend ahead and will post something up next week in a new thread.

Glad you guys got it sorted…I had never had any issues but I always kept the builds separate…never noticed any crashes with any raws that I tried to use with the sigmoid build…all good now your all set

I may have missed it somewhere, was sigmoid compared to the upcoming filmic v6? Or is that another can of worms that we don’t want to visit yet?

I have access to both… I don’t recall a lot of discussion…V6 without the desaturation that you see in v5 for sure gives a different look as a default…haven’t tried it against sigmoid…I get nice results with both sigmoid and filmic frankly but with slightly different tools applied. I must say with less options you are less tempted to fiddle using sigmoid whereas with filmic there are more choices to tweak the output and if you go that route it can seem a bit less efficient if you start micro managing it

EDIT …work on v6 is closer to getting merged I think…

Indeed! Seems like some recent changes in master, rebased against the latest and fixed!

Look forward to seeing them!!

Not compared against filmic v6 so yes another can of worms has to be opened, yummy! I don’t think it will be particularly large can though as the observations about rgb ratio and per-channel should be pretty much unchanged.

@priort has just built a windows version with filmic v6 and sigmoidal so that we can now open that can of worms (although I guess many of us may be on a different OS)

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Kind @priort’s build gave me a chance to play with this module and compare it to filmic. Interestingly, I choose a raw with super high dynamic range, probably clipped on both ends. Too bad I can’t share the image. When I find the energy, I will see if I could crop out the subjects but still show you how both modules struggle with it in different ways.