newbie problem with pixel-shift in RT 5.2

(nosle) #41

Hi David, fellow Pentax pixelshifter here (K-3 II). I’ve found that for many photos unsharp mask gives more detail than RL Deconvolution. Using a 0,5 radius and pulling the amount as high as 600 works quite well. Sometimes you get noise like artifacts and you might want to turn off/tweak Microcontrast.

Would be interesting to see your findings.

(Ingo Weyrich) #42

Good finding. That really works well and is a lot faster than RL.

(nosle) #43

I’m currently experimenting with wavelet edge sharpening in addition to usm. It seems like the linear setting produces best results for pixelshift. See screenshots below. pp3 and DNG at you do get quite fine pixel grain but depending on output it might be worth it.