Nokia 9 black and white demosaicing corruption

Hi. Its related to previous inquiry. Black and white dngs for this camera show up badly. There’s no even settings for demosaicing in this (B&W) mode.
This very issue happened with digiKam too but they could fix it for version 7.3 after reporting to them and libraw (see 431689 – Nokia 9 PureView DNG image demosaicing preview corruption).

And rather quickly so I guess shouldn’t be very difficult to solve in RawTherapee as well.
I really thank your work.
I appreciate your help.
Kind regards.

I attach the original unmodified DNG
IMG_20221127_000537.dng (24.6 MB)

I have filed a bug report on GitHub. In the future, please report issues directly in RawTherapee’s GitHub bug tracker as noted in this post. Otherwise, they will get lost and forgotten here.

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Thank you very much.