Not yet canon raw files CR3 recognised by Rawtherapee

Look at CR3 and CRX codec seemed to be figured out.

Doesn’t look like it to me - a bunch of likely matches between a Canon patent and data organization, but none of the low-level details are identified - and for something like this, even the fine details are important.

I tried but the results are not good.

I don’t think they care about mail, because nobody sees how much mail they get. A Twitter campaign would be a different matter. When they get 10K tweets of people wondering if their next camera is still going to be a Canon (#freeCR3) their PR may start to think it over. We want FOSS because its the only guarantee that 20 years from now the raw files can still be used… even if Adobe drops support, or DPP doesn’t run on newer OSes.


Great idea!

Clarify? Define “not good”?

Color balance tend to blueish tonality. Noise in the dark areas and other problems. The same file in Photoshop Camera Raw is very better

I just got an RP a few days ago, I’ve just converted my first batch of cr3s to DNG and the colour was pretty bad opening the DNGs in RT. I did manage to adjust some pictures to look sort of OK, but obviously it wasn’t doing as well as RT would with files from other cameras I’ve tried (all officially supported). It seems like some progress might be being made on cr3 support in RT, but I know next to nothing about how making software works, so I have no idea when they might get official support. In the meantime, I’ve been able to get a little bit better results by using the .dcp profiles frrom Adobe DNG converter. You can probably find them in .wine/drive_c/ProgramData/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/, or just c/ProgramData/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/ on Windows.

There’s an “Adobe Standard” one for the RP specifically in the “Adobe Standard” folder, and I’ve actually had fairly decent results using the profiles for the 6D Mark II that are in the “Camera” folder. There are no camera matching profiles for the RP in Adobe yet apparently, so you won’t find any in the “Camera” folder at this point. For me the Neutral profile for the 6DII is looking the best, better than the Adobe Standard RP profile. Either is a lot better than the DNG as it is by default when you open it.

I would think the files will look even better straight away when opening them if/when there is official support, but for now, this is the best workaround I’ve found if you want to process them in RT.

That’s weird, it sounds like DNG Converter is saving bad color profile metadata to the DNG.

Is this a beta version, or one that does not officially support the RP???

Yeah I don’t really know, I never convert to DNG usually so this is the first time in years I’ve use DNG converter or played with the DNGs it makes. I was never much of a fan of the “Adobe Standard” look myself, I guess it might be subjective, but the 6DII profiles are giving me half decent colour for now. As far as I know DNG converter does officially support the RP. But I see Adobe users in forums complaining about the lack of camera matching profiles for the RP, and some suggestions that there aren’t any there for any cameras release since that one either. Kind of weird. Seems like Adobe is not yet finished fully supporting some of the new cameras yet either.

I just started porting CR3 decoder from ART to RT.
Decoding already works. Here’s a first screenshot:

Now looking at Exif support…


Basic support is now pushed to dev. Basic means, decode works, but exif does not work.
This way we can already inspect the cr3 files for correct raw crops and maybe also check all the other stuff (white level, black level, matrix, add dcp files and so on)


I enabled multithreaded decoding of CR3 files. It was already in the code, just wasn’t enabled. For a 31 MP CR3 it reduces decode time on my machine from ~590 ms to ~190 ms.


Oh yeah, I’m playing around with some of them now. Basically the same colour for me at this point, looking best if I use the neutral dcp for 6dii. Anyway its great to be able to play with the actual cr3s now in the meantime until they’re fully supported.

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@Django do you have access to a color target?

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I don’t now, meaning to buy one for ages, but if I ordered it now it would still take weeks to arrive…I might bite the bullet and order one though, not like owning one is gonna get old. I’ll let you know if I do get one.

I just had a look around the internets and it seems like I can get the QP-Card 202 a lot cheaper than any of the others listed there on rawpedia. Is that one going to be good enough?

That should actually get to me pretty quick I think, I’m looking at it here

I’m seeing the 202 listed on ?

It looks like you’d have to be a lot more careful with it than the ColorChecker Passport, however it is less than half the price.

I’m surprised that B&H would be faster than Amazon Canada for you.

Yeah amazon don’t seem to have that one…I do see they have the Datacolor SCK200 SpyderCHECKR 24…Rawpedia says “Datacolor SpyderCHECKR” but I don’t think this “24” one is exactly what they mean. The Datacolor SCK100 SpyderCheckr is more than twice as expensive. I probably can’t spend that much on a chart now right before Christmas (my Lego bill goes way higher than normal this time of year), but I can manage that QP or the SCK200 if that would work. I put out a few texts too to see if I can track one down in town I can use, never know.

Who, I’m kind of surprised ColorChecker Passport isn’t available from Amazon Canada.

But it is close to the SCK100 in price… So yeah, maybe the cheaper ones will do the trick. I like the fact that the Passport is semipermanently mounted in a plastic case which keeps it protected.