OK, the original thread is closed for excellent reason but... can we please have the ability to rename snapshots?

Continuing the discussion from Ansel (was: R&Darktable):

I was responding to the post that has senssibly been closed. I hope this post causes no offence as none is meant,

No character assignation for any one here. Both me and my Darktable students (I teach and promote Darktable as the best editing software available in my own opinion) want to be able to name snapshots. But I have failed to get any developer to scratch that itch. I have to accept that or learn to code. Can someone please code the ability to name snapshots. It would really be appreciated by me and my students. I don’t want to hear any answers of workarounds like duplicates. Please feel the itch.

EDIT: I do not want to revive the original thread. I just want wanted to comment upon a comment within the original thread. The original thread was closed for good reasons.

Enter a Feature Request into the desire github repository. Reviving the thread is not going to accomplish your desire.


He already did everything the correct way.

Now he’ll just have to wait and see if someone starts itching…

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I think he wants it in Ansel. I’m assuming that’s why the desire to revive the Ansel thread. Otherwise I dont see they point of this thread.

OP. Here is the Ansel github, start a Feature Request there if you want it in Ansel.

I may be mistaken, but I don’t think so.

I have made lot of changes in darktable recently to name module instances which are now taking the name of the preset for example. The difference here is that snapshots are transient. As soon as you close dt they get lost, so that’s not a so great feature to me… It explains why it is not yet implemented, no real motivation on my side… Maybe another dev will tackle this or a new comer as it could be a good first contribution.


Itch scratched (allow renaming snapshots with ctrl-click by dterrahe · Pull Request #14045 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub) although, tbh, I wasn’t feeling it…


@dterrahe thanks for getting the itch. And sorry @g-man I did not want to resolve the thread. I tried to reply to a comment posted in the thread and did not realise at first the thread had been closed and for good reasons I agree. The ability to name snapshots, even if transient would be a great help when I am working noise and sharpeness in challenging images. My students agree this would be a great feature when they are comparing modules and learning various techniques and settings. BTW @Pascal_Obry I really love the way modules take on the name of the presets or you can give your own name to new instances. That is really great work. Thanks. I just figured it could easily be applied to snapshots, but not being a coder I could be very mistaken.