Only a small testimony


Just submitted a pull request to you. Added bracketed images and a file to explain them. Let me know if you need anything else!!

Awesome! Thank you, I saw that earlier but don’t have github access on my phone. I’ll pull it tomorrow.

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@Isaac Do you have a lens profile for these shots?

No lens profile, but I have been achieving good results simply setting lens information manually each time with “equirectangular”, choosing focal length of 12mm, and crop factor of 2 (micro four thirds). The lens is the Samyang/Rokinon 12mm f2. I did a half-hearted Google search for an available lens profile file for this lens the other day, but didn’t find one. Have been too busy to set up a proper calibration image to make a profile with hugin calibration tool, but could try to do that in the next few days…


I also wanted to say that I have used hugin lately for some blending of bracketed (non tripod) panorama shots. It works great for the alignment and I do love the “exposure fused from stack” output as it gives me a very nice realistic look (not the overly HDR-effect kind of look), which is a great starting point for further processing (if wanted).

So thanks to the developers !!!


I finally had time to circle back to the tutorial, if anyone wants to proof read it, it can be found here.


Looks like there may have been an errant paste here:

Select the **Calculgit rebase backstopjs-test git rebase backstopjs-next micas@thehorn:~/Desktop/Photography/website$
ate Field of View** button. 1. Select the Calculate Optimal Size button

Otherwise it’s looking good! :slight_smile:

Oh damn!

I fixed that typo/mispaste, thanks @patdavid.

My last question, @Carmelo_DrRaw, would be:

When selecting the roll and vertical + horizontal translation, should I also select the shot I’ve chosen as my exposure/position anchor?

As far as I understand, no. The anchor image is left unchanged… probably the fact that it is marked as “not active” automatically fixes the parameters, but I’ve not directly checked this statement.

Thanks @Carmelo_DrRaw!

@patdavid I think this article is almost good to go.

On my local machine, I zipped the three example folders, should I just check them into git?

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Sure? The example folders are all the images and assets? You can leave them all in the post folder, too. I doubt we’d be gaining much from zip compression on them. You can either send a PR, or a patch (up to you).

I though zipping them would spare people from downloading each file individually, since there are three sets of bracketed shots: one with 3, and two with 5+.

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Of course. Excuse my brain-fart (I’m getting old). Package however you want it, and I’ll make sure it gets published and is available. :slight_smile: