open ART in a second instance [solved]

Is it possible to open ART in a second instance to better compare two works?

Edit: Stupid me…

If you want to compare different photos, the best option that I know seems to be the inspector mode:

It you want to compare different edits of the same photo, you can use the snapshot and before/after tools.

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Hello @apostel338
Yes, this is a great way to compare images.
What I would like is to have different states of development next to each other. For example, if I work with Tone Equalizer on one image and Dynamic Range Compression or Color/Tone Correction on the other. So that I can better see and understand what the tools can do.

This is possible with snapshots and/or before/after tool.

All good. I can cope with it if it doesn’t work with ART.
Just tried RT: No problem even opening three distances.

in Preferences, try → Editor Layout: “Multiple Editor Tabs in Own Window mode”… maybe it helps


this is not supported by ART, sorry

Hello Alberto,
really no problem. I wanted to study your development of my picture with the second instance and at the same time follow it with my own attempts.

Extreme light-dark differences - ART vs RawTherapee

I managed it with the snapshots and a lot of trial and error.

I don’t really need the second instance any more.

Thanks to your help, I’ve taken a huge step forward.