PhotoFlow - new dynamic range compressor tool (experimental)



The weird dots only happen at the fit zoom level. And yes, the defaults are too much. Perhaps set them to a lower amount like 10s.

(Andrew) #22

I think it’s good, it looks pretty natural to me (maybe a bit more saturated than I would do), and it captures the bright feel of the event well. Thanks.

(Gustavo Adolfo) #23

Great tool!

Before applying a curve, there were some black spots (out of gamut pixels?):


(Gustavo Adolfo) #24

@Carmelo_DrRaw while uploading the source file my computer froze. Before rebooting, I noticed that memory consumption was on top (see the green indicator at top). PF was opened at that moment.
Any possibility of a memory leak or something?
I’m on Ubuntu 18.04

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #25

Yes, I cannot exclude this. The tool is very new and still under heavy development… I will check the memory usage.


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #26

I am really proud to announce that over last weekend I have managed to achieve a HUUUUGE speed-up of the new dynamic range compression tool, such that it is now possible to get a real-time preview even in the case of a 50Mpx image.

On my laptop, exporting a 50Mpx TIFF processed with coarseness=2 (which means a blur radius equal to 2% of the smallest image dimension) takes about 9s, which I consider quite reasonable given that the code has no SSE optimizations - at least not for the moment.

The tool is still very experimental, which means for example that the range and sensitivity of the sliders might still change in the near future, nevertheless it would be nice of people could challenge it on difficult images to see if they like the result.

Thanks for checking!


1. Something wrong with the top and right edges, esp. when shadows, local contrast and/or edge threshold are turned up.

2. Coarseness crashes when set to 0.

3. Edge threshold doesn’t crash at 0 but looks the same as 100.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #28

Yes, it is very fast now! Thanks. However, the icons for minimizing/full screen the window seems to be broken. See top right corner of

EDIT: I am on Win 10.


The gtk2 version doesn’t have this problem.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #30

Could you please check if this is fixed in the latest version?

This should also be fixed in the latest version.


as mr @afre licious ( :male_detective: ) mentions there’s some rust in the sliders… also ( last properly working itiretaion was 7_jun if not mistaken) masks layers and clone layers are not working as expected, at least in the dynamic range tool. At first, didn’t take much to crash PhF… then, on a second go and leaving the beforementioned bad-behaving-child-eater-slider managed to edit for 18 minutes before crashing. Andreas you’re a bad-ass penguin punisher, other than instructions to devour my soul, your baby is flying high (for the 1eye larvas that means it’s waaay faster). Need to eat now, cheers :beers:

@shreedhar that physalis enterprise looks just lovely =)


I can confirm that coarseness has issues. I cannot reproduce it every time but:

1. Sometimes it takes a long time to process.
2. Other times it just crashes.

Also, a pattern is visible when in fit zoom, which appears to increase with higher edge thresholds. (PS It could be a limitation of this technique. I don’t know.)

(It seems that fit zoom often has artifacts like weird splotches and noise squares. Maybe it has to do bad or non-values or how the preview is generated.)

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #33

I have prepared a new version of the tool, which will hopefully solve (or at least improve, as this is surely not the last iteration) all the issues you mentioned (@afre the pattern is fortunately not a limitation of the method, just a bug…).



That is good because I can see it in the exported files as well.


coming from here> [PlayRaw] Changing Light

That’s strange… can you describe what you are trying to do in the dedicated thread? Thanks!

Well first off let me apologize about my childish complaints.
Secondly - and i think the amount of use and appraisal shows this - I :hearts: Photoflow

Now about what was I trying to do, simple, using masks (luminosity style) as I had used before ( a couple versions back); as you taught: clone layer and curves on top within the DR tool =)

Dunno if I mentioned in the play-raw thread, but the DRC sliders behave nicely now :carrot:

I’m headed to github for the crop and scale part, cheers
link to above play-raw thread pfi


I brought stuff up regarding crop and scale. It might be on the raw module thread, the PF feature one or somewhere else. I don’t remember. What I would add is that I liked the direction @CarVac was going with filmulator.