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(Carmelo Dr Raw) #167

@CarVac @afre - I understand the request, however it might not be that easy to fulfil from the technical point of view… the list of cameras/lenses are generated as a GTK menu, and I do not think that menus have built-in search capabilities, therefore something ad-hoc has to be coded.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #168

Just to let you know that I am on this, trying to find a way to force Lensfun to use an unsupported camera/lens combination. More news ASAP…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #169

I have just committed some changes that allow to relax the matching criteria for the lenses. The code now accepts your 50mm f1.8 associated to the EM-1 :rofl:

The only criteria that is still applied, apart from the lens name itself, is that the crop factor of the associated camera should be higher than the one of the camera used to calibrate the lens…

I’d be really interested in your feedback! Thanks!


I did a check of the same file as before and it’s working fine. Thanks for doing this.

Got confused. Was too exhausted to think. This edit will hide the misinformation.

Samplers don’t appear to work anymore. The values aren’t what I would expect. I generated a blue image using gmic 100,100,1,3 fc 0,0,255 o blue.tif. gmic doesn’t color manage but I know that the third channel is 255 and the other two are 0. I import it into photoflow-w64-20180121_0949 and get:

[Edit: should actually be linear sRGB.]

I try filling it:


Hide cont.

Still not quite:


Edit: A blue patch exported from GIMP yields the same values of the second screenshot. However, the values are still slightly off. I am guessing that the illuminant is not D50.

Also [re samplers]:

  • Does 100 denote 100%? I forgot if you implemented that.
  • The x= bug still exists here.

(Elle Stone) #172

There seem to be some issues with the WB tab for raw files:

  1. Upon first opening a raw file with PhotoFlow:
  • temp. is displayed with 6 digits, 2 of which are after the decimal place, and tint is displayed with 7 digits, 6 of which are after the decimal place.

  • red, green, and blue are displayed with only 3 digits, 2 of which are after the decimal place.

  1. Simply changing the white balance using the WB mode dropdown menu (for example from Camera to Daylight) doesn’t change the number of displayed digits for red, green, and blue. But highlighting one of the values and then copying it does make red and blue display with 5 digits after the decimal place.

  2. The temp, red, green, and blue values all can be highlighted/selected and then copied and pasted into a text document. However, the tint value can’t be copied into a text document. It can be highlighted/selected, but attempting to copy/paste into a text document fails, instead the last value copied is pasted. If nothing previous was copied, then nothing gets pasted.

This is on Gentoo Linux, with PhotoFlow up-to-date through this morning, using default GIMP-2.9 (also updated through this morning) to open a raw file.

(Elle Stone) #173

This is probably a silly question, but when running GIMP from a prefix, whether GIMP can “see” the PhotoFlow plug-in depends on how I start GIMP:

  • If I start GIMP using a shell script to establish the $PREFIX, GIMP finds PhotoFlow (the PF plug-in) without any problems.

  • But if I just navigate to the folder that holds the $PREFIX executables and start GIMP using “./gimp-2.9”, GIMP doesn’t see the PhotoFlow plug-in.

Is this to be expected? Maybe the solution is to install PhotoFlow in /usr/local, but keep the plug-in installed in the prefix?

(Elle Stone) #174

Hi @afre - maybe I don’t understand what you are asking (likely!). But I just made an image in GIMP, with two colors: magenta (1,0,1) and blue (0,0,1), and then sent the image to PhotoFlow, and compared GIMP, PhotoFlow, and ArgyllCM xicclu readouts. The image is at 32-bit linear precision and so is using GIMP’s built-in linear gamma sRGB profile. All three programs give the exact same LCh values. Here are the xicclu values:

$ xicclu -ir -pL sRGB-elle-V2-g10.icc
1 0 1
1.000000 0.000000 1.000000 [RGB] -> MatrixFwd -> 60.167446 111.406407 327.106138 [LCh]
0 0 1
0.000000 0.000000 1.000000 [RGB] -> MatrixFwd -> 29.565320 131.208289 301.364760 [LCh]

How was the blue patch with the LCh L value of 272.94 generated? Oh, hmm, that’s weird that PhotoFlow would show X=25500.00. Well, it’s weird that all three items in the left column are “X”. Maybe they should be “R”, “G”, and “B”? Anyway, for the blue patch I generated using GIMP, the third X reads “100.0”.

I seem to recall g’mic uses a different scale for floating point, instead of 0.0 to 1.0 for internal calculations, I think it uses 0.0 to 25500.00 - isn’t there a thread about this? GIMP uses 0.0-1.0 internally and for “pixel” readouts, but the various RGB color picking dialog readouts are multiplied by 100 (are given as percent of distance from 0 to 1), which I think is also what PhotoFlow is doing.


I was super tired from taking care of a very sick family member. I used D65. 29.565320 131.208289 301.364760 is correct :crazy_face::blush:. And yes, it looks like PF does the same thing as GIMP now, using 0.0-1.0 for fp.

BTW @patdavid How do you do the hide triangle thing in a post? I have seen some people do it. I want to hide the misinformation in my previous post but allow people to reveal it to see the context of my confusion.

(Pat David) #176

If you want to hide something from general view unless someone clicks on it, you can use the [details] tag:

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(Carmelo Dr Raw) #177

Yes, 100 means 100%. On the other hand, the fact that all channels are labeled a X means that somehow the picture is not interpreted as RGB… I’d be interested to have an example of such a picture, just to see where the code gets confused…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #178

The plug-in looks for the photoflow executable in your PATH, so the location of the photoflow executable must be in the PATH when GIMP is started. Note that this is completely independent of where the plug-in is installed. The plug-in simply calls the photoflow executable with special parameters…

Hope this helps!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #179

I will have a look at the strange behaviour of the WB values you are describing. There is certainly some UI-related thing that is not completely correct…


Here is a ZIP of files created by gmic: (3.2 KB).

  • blue255.png is most faithful.
  • blue1f.tif is close but I get those xs.
  • blue255.jpg is close but JPG’s range is off (not PF’s fault, gmic also reads this as 0-254).
    825 blue1.jpg
    288 blue1.png
120,383 blue1f.tif
 60,299 blue1ushort.tif
    828 blue255.jpg
    289 blue255.png
120,383 blue255f.tif
 60,299 blue255ushort.tif


When I click on the camera or lens box, the list doesn’t populate. Instead, I get an empty box. This happens for P1440495.RW2 (CC-BY-SA by Gobo), which comes from a Panasonic DMC-GX7 (see: [Play Raw] bracketed version of “processing a very high-contrast raw”).


When I open one file then open another without waiting for the first to load, the second image doesn’t load. When I try toggling RAW developer to get it to start loading, it crashes at the first click. This crash behavior has always happened when I try closing a loading raw file, which I reported a while back.


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #182

I will check. This might be a Windows-specific problem, or at least I cannot reproduce it with the latest OSX package:


Okay, let me know how I could help. There aren’t any black edges. Have you finally added an auto-crop to lens corrections?


I have just started to learn PhotoFlow and have the same issue on Windows10 Pro. The list does not populate and you cannot change the parameters.
to correct the lens. So for raw images which do load (Panasonic DMCFZ2500), editing is of no value.
The program looks very interesting and has great potential.
I would like to know how to change the quality of exported JPG’s, at the moment this seems fixed.


@Goorawin There was lens corrections at one point. I forget the last version that had it… In any case, there are other apps to use like RT and dt in the meantime if lens corrections is important to you :wink:.


As far as I can see there is still lens correction information in the 2 lensfun folders. It appears that on windows 10 it is not locating these files (see attached images). I can load a DCP profile which works as expected but there is no option to load a LC file. When you save a raw image as a tif or jpg the levels are all incorrect (see attached output) However using a jpg as the source image the output is correct.
Even saving a file in its own format pfi has a problem, as that image will not load back into PhotoFlow or GIMP which I assume it is mean too.
I have been using DT & RT. I feel the potential of PF for what I need may suit me better in the long run.
DT at the moment will not load raw images from a Panasonic DMCFZ2500. and RT’s layout does not suit me as well but I have got more used to it.
So I would like to see PhotoFlow adopt more features from DT. As an example zooming and moving around the image.
Anyway I think my main issues are probably related to Windows compatibility