[Play Raw] maritime museum



I was disturbed by the shitty region around the moon on most of the otherwise good edits here, fiddling myself with the mask in HDRMerge, and the mask blur radius, getting slightly better results with an unknown commercial tool, though, but the sun came up before I had something decent to offer. Perhaps this is one annoying detail, that can be used as a kind of a reference, in some cases.

(Marco) #22

First of all, thanks to all for your contributions!
The moon and the water is moving, maybe that’s why it looks a bit strange in the hdr. I think @shreedhar had a good idea by merging the darkest pic with the hdr (for reflection and moon).


we can call it the brazil look :fire:
:sob: :poop: :sweat_drops: :palm_tree: :cry: :ant: :alarm_clock: :ant: :rainbow:


See my take below. Resize ruined the fine detail (e.g., the signage). Any suggestions?


1. RawTherapee → neutral → AMaZE → rotate → perspective → tone mapping (CIECAM02) → dynamic range compression → linear Rec2020 → 32f (3 files)
2. pnmclahe → enhance local contrast (3 files)
3. enfuse → exposure fusion (3→1 file)
4. gmic → brighten → fade highlights → Kodak Portra 160 NC- → sharpen → resize → crop → zoom 100% to enjoy!

(dumb) #25

I had completely forgot about the fire; I was looking to achieve a more urban look and make it look like a giant halogen street light or something.


Ashikhmin operator in LuminanceHDR. Then processed in RawTherapee 5.4-dev to bring some contrast.

_8237002-8237005_pregamma_0.51_ashikhmin-eq4_local_0.05_postsaturation_1.62_postgamma_0.86.tif.pp3 (10.2 KB)


tak @wiegemalt for the night bracketeer and all the incredible renditions **D {wow gazzm}

After following the thread and be delighted with such versions as @yteaot master{gold$chain}pinguino @msd @agriggio (without disregarding others), my personal challenge for this playraw was to manage a light {finger frictioning} that was pleasant enough and take advantage of added DR without crossing too much into HDR’s dreamy world aesthetics. For the most part I’m pretty happy with the result, not perfect though; there’s some “fusioning skoria” (down right) left floating :stuck_out_tongue: But if you check watter reflections in pips’ version almost everybody got the flu.

As my ineptitude didn’t let me pull a decent version neither out of HDRmerge nor LuminaceHDR, I woke up yoda aka the venerable ImageFuser, that despite half chocked and with a terrible smell managed to align, fuse and spit a 32b tif, ole tus guevos programa-zombi!!

Resized the 237 and then and while @carvac was having his first mac bug report, je je the inter-chismes we, my dirty laundry and meself went into photophosferous (monsieur photoflow si te plais) and after some hammering, some tingeling and bluring the HLs got this falafel

DDD2_phf.pfi.zip (2.6 KB)

The horse was tired and so down we go to gmic’s stream: MPA, LCE, DRI, sharpening constrain, grain and a cousin of the inailizer LUT (por personal REF copal_mermo_v3 ) below. In the limit of MC and colour (bit too magentian)… but like the flies say around here if Mournau could mournau would . Cheers =)

Here the LUT; you’re welcome to use it, mix it, keep it =)
copal_mermo_v3.cube.zip (380.6 KB)


I was looking to achieve a more urban look

@Joan_Rake1 fuck, where do you live, you’ve got ISIS’ pisukides (roomates)? !!! Just kidding while being flagged by the NSA

(dumb) #28

I thought that I’d make it overwhelmingly bright and halogen-like - again, as if it’s a big street light. I like the gritty feel of it, though it’s certainly ‘blown up’ the overall image in a sense. I could’ve made it even gnarlier (which I fucking love doing) but I chose to be quick and subtle.

(Ken Moffat) #29

I used my normal “three exposures” filter in the gimp, aiming for a realistic-ish result. But the differences in the reflections between the three every different exposures were unpleasant. So, I took the main exposure (saved as ‘correct.xcf’ locally and reopened the ORF in nufraw with variations of ±2 EV, then merged them.

This time I have not bothered with rotation / perspective / sharpening, just a quick run through - but I confirm that if I apply octave sharpening the reflections in the water look ok. Highlights in lights etc are of course blown out.

Summary - I can only handle quick and easy processes [ :wink: ] but for moving water (and the car lights, probably ) using a single exposure solves problems.



My second attempt. First I exported the three exposures to 16bit tiff using darktable. Then enfused them to HDR by Hugin and finally did the final touch (incl. tonal enhancement, color correction, and perspective correction) again in darktable.


My alt take. Learning from my first run.

1. RawTherapee → AMaZE+VNG4 → pixel filters → rotate and perspective → custom WB → linear Rec2020 32f
2. enfuse → contrast fusion
3. gmic → series of contrast and brightening adjustments → crop → resize → sharpen
4. Please zoom to 100% to enjoy!

(Sebastien Guyader) #32

My take:
HDRMerge -> RawTherapee -> Gimp (blurring and smoothing the reflections on water, applying “Illustration look” script fu, cleaning artifacts)