[Play Raw] Watermelon


(JegMeg) #21

I have made 3 control spots ( appears as an elipse )
Inside each elipse there is a small round circle. Hit this small circle and you can move the control spots up/down - right/left to your likings.
In this case I used thwe control spots to adjust the exposure …

Don’t mind the straight line.


And what would the result be?

(JegMeg) #23

Taken from another picture , but I think You know what I mean



Local adjustment comes in handy. Once you get used to it - you can’t live without it


@gadolf, fellow users, watermademoiselles {cap’s off}

Best result I managed was rawpeeparis’ sacrificing natural looking (contrast) highlights to a Log munch scream puddle in exchange. Where is? I could swear I’ve been there.

CRW_4166_1800_RT_v2.jpg.out 2.pp3.zip (4.2 KB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #25

This was hard to decipher :sweat_smile: and it fits perfectly!

I also didn’t like the resulting geometric shape after highlights recovery, so I choose to find a half term and reduced a little the recovery effects. (now looking at my edit I realize I should have reduced it more, the shape is still there)

As for the location, well, it’s the Glória neighbourhood, a small and very crazy and exotic place in RIo (but you have to live here to fully realize how strange it is, it’s not so evident at first sight). On Sundays, cars and buses give place to this market. So this is Feira da Glória (Glória’s market).

(dumb) #26

Butterworth bandpass, unusual curves, warping and odd layer blending.


(Gustavo Adolfo) #27

Is it my impression or are you going less abstract in 2019? :smile:

(dumb) #28

Definitely not!