[PlayRaw] Abstract bark - get ceative!

From a eucalyptus tree in Sheffield’s botanical gardens.
eucalyptus-abstract.xmp (36.1 KB)
_5D_03358.CR2 (58.5 MB)

Whole frame -

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The Dunes and the Sea

abstract.bark.pp3 (16.8 KB)
Border added using ImageMagick’s convert


Earth is a cylinder! :point_up: :man_astronaut: :rocket:

_5D_03358_04.CR2.xmp (19,8 KB)

darktable 3.7.0~git511.f91a837ec7-1

Do not try to open this file in darktable! :point_up: - It will take eternity!
You have been warned!


Fun edit with GIMP/G’MIC:

Inspired by the previous colourful edits
RT 5.8 dev plus lots of cloning and healing in GIMP

_5D_03358_RT.jpg.out.pp3 (14.9 KB)

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Really nice edits folks.
@Jade_NL yes, definitely a sea thing going on, I was seeing a whale in mine.
@s7habo , heeded your warning and didn’t try to load it! Is it doing a big diffuse/sharpen?
@iarga , looks geometrically perfect.
@Sunhillow , I like the colours, and of course you removed the sign.

Great images imho, could imagine some hanging in a gallery.

Ach, gnädige Boris!

eternity, eh? I believe that you could benefit from checking your settings
(and/or modernizing your set-up). Using darktable 3.7.0+git577, your xmp, and
a Linux kernel tailored for this particular CPU, my clock reported

  • 27.752 seconds with openCL, and
  • 32.249 seconds without.

Ewigkeit really must be longer than that, otherwise the entire pop-industry will become obsolete. Remember Peter Sebastian Die Ewigkeit beginnt heut Nacht? Not to talk about those romantic moments — I’m yours for eternity will have to be re-written as I’m yours for 27.752 seconds.

Unless Romeo turns off openCL, then he can make it last for 32.249 seconds.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Schweden

_5D_03358.CR2.xmp (8.8 KB)

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Another good one! (Do I see a large black bird emerging from a river…?)

So I tried it, got about 50secs counting to myself, so not too bad! That’s on an i7 using the built-in graphics. And so I see it’s not diffuse/sharpen, rather several color balances and a retouch to remove the sign, which is great. I’ve never got into that module so far.

Edit - noticed the terminal window has “[dev_read_history] the module blurs' requested by image _5D_03358.CR2’ is not installed on this computer!”
I’m on 3.7.0+324~g17d82bb19. Perhaps ‘blurs’ is a new module coming along? Is that why it’s not taking the eternity?!

@RawConvert / @Claes

This whole speed thing is somewhat interesting; When I loaded Boris’ sidecar for the first time (=uncached) it took a few seconds, when I opened the image subsequently in darkroom it also took a few seconds. The combined actions took certainly less then 10 seconds, probably closer to 5 or 6. So here I am being a bit confused about eternity, 27s and 50s messages…

Turns out that if you run darktable-cli with –core -p … -d … and all that from the terminal it takes a whooping 26.959420s on my machine (with opencl). 22.5 of those are perspective correction related. Must be the jpeg that is produced that accounts for the big difference between GUI and CLI.

The blurs module was merged about 6 days ago, so 3.7.0+324 is probably too old, I’m on is 3.7.0+576 atm.

But, even though it is present, it isn’t turned on in Boris’ sidecar. It does generate a missing message in this case though.

@RawConvert & @Jade_NL

Yes, I also generated a .jpg on the run.
Here is the script I used (since I am lazy, I renamed the .CR2 to bench.CR2
and the .xmp to bench.xmp (this is my standard darktable test script).

darktable-cli bench.CR2 bench.xmp test1.jpg --core --disable-opencl -d perf
darktable-cli bench.CR2 bench.xmp test2.jpg --core -d perf -d opencl

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden