[PlayRaw] Dornbusch Lighthouse -- A Film Emulation Challenge


(Morgin) #41

My editing style is entirely inspired by film. My favorites being Kodak Portra in varying speeds and the Fuji Pro film series. For that reason, I usually stay in the “Negative New” tab in the film emulation presets (thank you again, @patdavid) in G’MIC and various RAW editors where they are available. Custom curves, strength and intensity tailored to each particular image, are a big part of my work flow as are color layers set to a low opacity on soft light or what ever mode suits best.

For the more “artistic” edits, I nearly always stick to GIMP, while RT and DT are used for basic things such as, WB, CA correction, defringing, and exposure compensation where needed. If working in DT, I always apply the Fuji Film base curve to every image despite the fact I shoot with a NIKON D90.

(senpai) #42

with darktable 2.60

DSCF0083.RAF.xmp (16,5 Ko)