[PlayRaw] Mairi Troisieme

@Photoshop_R Welcome to the forum! You could still export a few JPGs if you would like to show your steps visually :wink:. And thanks for sharing your edit.

Thanks and thank you for sharing. If you ever want to switch to the gimp, it isn’t that different! :wink:

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I’m out of my element on this one.

seconded, it would be interesting to see the steps, I like that style

It is a very difficult image to process (for me). I am determined to use only RT5.4. I am still not satisfied with my colour attempt but here is my BW attempt.

patdavid-Mairi_Troisieme-3.jpg.out.pp3 (12.6 KB)

I also gave this portrait a go. Not my usual type of photograph. But my approach here is not to try and be artistic, as many others seem to be doing, but to be realistic: this is Mairi, she is a human with a healthy complexion and a black vest.

Mairi_Troisieme.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)
All done in RawTherapee.

@patdavid Haven’t gotten a chance to comment on this photo. First impressions were:

  1. Interesting lighting and expression.
  2. Gran, what big buttons you have! (All the better to [fill in the blank :stuck_out_tongue:].)
  3. Is that an oddly placed hair clip!?

And one from me, RT + Gimp…

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OK. Here is a colour version, purely RT5.4. The texture of the sweater is a counterpoint to the smoothness of the skin. So kept both of them illuminated.
patdavid-Mairi_Troisieme.jpg.out.pp3 (11.3 KB)

Super late entry, but as this thread was reviewed…

Basics done in RT, then into Gimp where I used different curves on the face, hair, cardigan and background.


My attempt, with darktable.

The first is an attempt to stay in topic with the original article: “A Chiaroscuro Portrait”.
I remove base curve & tone curve & highlight reconscruction, after I brighted the image with

## contrast brightness saturation ##
saturation -1
blend mode addition
luminosity mask 0 50 50 100

and I adjusted tones with zone system

The second is more inspired by some very dark paintings by Caravaggio. I turn off base curve and I darkened the image with

## contrast brightness saturation ##
contrast +0.2
saturation -1
blend mode multiply

after I adjust tone with tone_curve (middle contrast) and

## levels system ##
mode automatic
black 0.1%
gray 55%
white 99.9%


Only tone curve & zone system (no base curve) in darktable +
skin retouch in gimp

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At last

All in DT Mairi_Troisieme.ORF.xmp (13.2 KB)

RT only (little unsharp mask with Gimp)

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Finally decided what to do. Here is my take.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → fill unwanted pixels → smooth (guided, 1/2) → adjust brightness, contrast (curves, face) → my filter (unpublished) → contrast enhancement → rotate → crop → sharpen → resize → frame

Zoom 100% to enjoy!

I think she’s become a named storm.

Or maybe a distant galaxy.

Alternatively, one can always go down the mad route.


Darktable, Filmic, Color balance × 3 and some local contrast enhancements :

patdavid-Mairi_Troisieme.ORF.xmp (32.2 KB)

EDIT : forgot to mention split-frequency editing with the new “retouch” module


Wow, what a fantastic result! :open_mouth:

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I agree. :+1: @aurelienpierre

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Retouch module training

Mairi_Troisieme_03.ORF.xmp (12.4 KB)