[PlayRaw] Something different: The dead wasp


(Kees Guequierre) #22

I like the silliness :slight_smile:

(Kees Guequierre) #23


(Kees Guequierre) #24

Eristalis sp. even. Can’t say wich one exactly.

(Alberto) #25

I’m a bit late, but I still wanted to give it a try. Done entierly in RT, using newlocallab for desaturating the background.

IMG_7075.CR2.pp3 (12.7 KB)

Thanks for sharing!


IMG_7075-2.jpg.out.pp3 (10.9 KB)

That is really a nice picture :smiley: . I was playing around in Rawtherapee and I think I like this version.

(jmdigne) #27

Thanks for this nice photo. My try with DarktableIMG_7075.CR2.xmp (8.9 KB)

(senpai) #28

with darktable 2.60
IMG_7075.CR2.xmp (19,7 Ko)