[PlayRaw] Tiger and Turtle Bracketing

This is at the infamous ‘Tiger & Turtle’ in Duisburg, Germany. It’s a viewing platform that is built like a roller coaster. You can climb the steps on this platform (except the looping) and have a nice view on the ruhr area.
This is one of the hotspots for photographers in the german ruhr area. At sunset, blue hour and night it is full of photographers.

This PlayRaw contains a bracketing of three images at sunset. Lens was a Pentax-M 28mm F2.8. Distance between the images is 2 steps.

RAW-files (CC BY-NC 4.0):
20190224_DU_TTurtle_0832_Mesh_Bracket_01.DNG (14.0 MB)
20190224_DU_TTurtle_0833_Mesh_Bracket_01.DNG (12.5 MB)
20190224_DU_TTurtle_0834_Mesh_Bracket_01.DNG (14.2 MB)

Since there is currenty a thread where ‘exposure blending’ is mentioned I thought it would be a good idea to provide some training material.


A quick edit:
Photoflow - WB, dynamic range compressor, tone mappin (linear+log)

20190224_DU_TTurtle_0832_Mesh_Bracket_01-01_01.pfi (22.2 KB)


Great edit. This hdrmerge tool looks usable to me. Unfortunately it is not in the Ubuntu software center.
Any idea how I can get it running on Ubuntu?

I just downloaded this release to make this edit: Releases · jcelaya/hdrmerge · GitHub

EDIT: I mean, I used the appimage.

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Hi @pphoto,

Nice Photo!

My try with darktable and GIMP. I used only darkest image:

20190224_DU_TTurtle_0833_Mesh_Bracket_01.DNG.xmp (10,9 KB)


First exposure blending (dark + clear) with darktable / enfuse_pro.lua >> tif

Then adjust tif in DT >> jpg

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20190224_DU_TTurtle_0833_Mesh_Bracket_01.DNG.xmp (10,1 KB)

I’ve opted for a natural looking HDR tonemapped image with the darkest exposure (-2 EV) shot because it has very low noise and high dynamic range.

  1. I’ve opened the raw in Rawtherapee and reduced the exposure about 1 ev with recover highlights enabled , defringing and false color suppression

  2. in Photoflow I’ve raised the exposure about 3 EV

  3. New tone mapping tool in photoflow

    20190224_DU_TTurtle_0833_Mesh_Bracket_01.pfi (26.7 KB)

  4. for comparison this is the jpeg from camera 0 EV

5)optional local contrast in Rawtherapee

20190224_DU_TTurtle_0833_Mesh_Bracket_01pfa.tif.pp3 (11.7 KB)


@age Good brightening; however, in the process, the golden sunset is almost gone.

This is Photomatix - commercial product. I wont the same but with RawTherapee : )

20190224_DU_TTurtle_0833_Mesh_Bracket_01.DNG.pp3 (11.9 KB)


@age Good job!!!
@Chaotic_Sys to my eyes this RT version is way better than photomatix… what do you think?

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@Carmelo_DrRaw Yes, it is really good job!

@age Much better. Thanks for considering my feedback. It looks kind of video gamey now… People tell me that I expect too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahahah :slight_smile: well it’s true, for me my last attempt has too much local contrast artifacts.
I really should try to merge the 3 exposures :space_invader:

dt + Gimp + Gmic

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