Problem with Panasonic GH5s RW2 files

Hi - Looking forward to trying RawTherapee on some noisy high-iso astro pics using v 5.5. But while I can see the RW2 files they become a pink pixellated mess on opening. Other types of files can be processed eg tiffs and I haven’t checked Nikon dngs yet. Here’s a pic:

Please post a sample raw file that illustrates the problem.

Also… Nikon DNGs? From what camera?

P1000118.RW2 (18.2 MB)

Here’s a RW2 with the problem. Sorry, the DNGs are from my quadcopter - the Niukon D5100 produces NEF files and they are fine in RawTherapee.
Just the Panasonic RW2s that have a problem.

PS I’m impressed so far with the noise reduction and defringing on the Nikon NEF files! Am hoping that I can do the same on the Panasonic files.

Panasonic GH5s RW2 camera introduced a new raw format,
slightly different from previous Panasonic raws.
Partial list of references:

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That makes sense, 14 bit files with a lot more data. Not sure if I can do anything with that code though?

Also, this is a duplicate of

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@heckflosse can you comment on this?

sure :smile:


You self assigned the github ticket :sunglasses:

To avoid that I forget it completely.
Now as rawspeed has code to decompress this RW2 files, I can try to borrow that code.


libraw works too. I can provide a prototype patch if that helps (I don’t have time to test it properly though)


Yes, please :+1:

Awesome! In the meantime I found an Adobe RW2 to DNG convertor which might do for now

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@mickf & others with that camera - it would be super awesome if someone could help with re-doing the sample set, see post: Raw Samples Wanted

Just tried v5.6 and all good! Thanks!