Problem with sunset colours

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Link to raw file (size to great to upload here…, sorry!)

Here is the start of an edit, notice how the highlight run off the sun nicely but the colours are very salmon. I would like nice yellows and orange/yellows that would be closer to “reality”

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (11.6 KB)

A complete edit of the photo that I like but not so much the colours of the highlights.

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s_01.RAF.xmp (39.9 KB)

Just to compare, the jpg from camera. It has other problems but the colours of the sunset are way better!

I’m using the linear scene referred workflow and have tried different “preserve chrominance” options and highlight recovery in filmic and the eponymous module but with little success.

Can anyone do better ? Thanks,



PS : Using filmic v5 with preserve chrominance set to “no”, I get something better in my view:

Filmic v6 makes a big change!

Search the forum for"rat piss yellow". I’m not kidding.
And/or check This video is a must watch.

The camera is probably cheating on you, showing false colours.


GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (12.2 KB)
Some Rat Piss :wink:

Thanks for answering. I am familiar with this video, it is very well explained. Aurélien made a video about gamut escaping some time ago with the “rat piss”.
I don’t want to get into the filmic/no filmic debate … but in my eyes the sunset was yellow/orange and not salmon.
Filmic is great.
The salmon colours are wrong.
Still looking for an option to get on the screen what my eyes see at every sunset !


What about the shadows or midtones autopicker in CB and get a cancelling hue and then tweak the chroma slider to take more out or bring more back…you can do the same with your oranges by picking then and then adding 180 degrees to the hue so that you are enhancing and not cancelling it…just a thought… also color lut can be great for this sort of thing …a small tweak on a couple of the orange patches can just tweak things a bit…

Thanks Todd,
A hue shift in CB works quite well. Didn’t think of that! Compared to your example with rgb curve, I’d like to stay in filmic.
Strange I have to shift hues to get back what my eyes see… must be another physiological mess in our brains that see sunsets orange but the camera sees them redder.

My logic there was your image looked quite nice out of the gate I thought just the sun spot was blown. I messed a bit with filmic reconstruction but it also was hard to get a result I liked and it affected the surrounding sky …I admit I didn’t try exhaustively to mask it etc…but I just for fun popped color reconstruction module on…and it filled in your sun quite nicely …again perhaps unrealistically and so that is why I went to the tone curve…rather than add filmic on top of that…also might have actually got away with some combo of the local contrast and or some diffuse and sharpen modules to get a small bit of contrast…These images are hard to edit for someone else as we do seem to have a wide range of what we as individual see or perceive as pleasing…one mans rat piss is another’s saturated joy… (no reference to your edit or other just a bit of tongue in cheek…) :slight_smile:

The sun is clipped, so truthful reproduction is nearly impossible. That’s what I would do.
Nice image though.

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (11.3 KB)

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (10.2 KB)

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Human color memory is quite terrible!


I have often started to take a short video with my camera in complex lighting and i pan the area. It will auto focus and change exposure and I capture lots of reference points in the area and periphery just to reinforce my memory and try to make it less biased… it might be a waste of time but I think it helps…

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (14.8 KB)


GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (12,2 KB)

Just a note that perception of real-life sunsets may be affected by the Bezold-Brücke shift - red hues shift toward yellow when the intensity increases. On the other hand, a computer display probably isn’t bright enough to reproduce the effect.


My version…

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s.RAF.xmp (14.5 KB)


This kind of shot excites me :o

Though I’d whip out the ol’ “experimental program” (that I’m gonna discard and rewrite soon anyway).


They all look quite nice. The ones that are not so nice don’t pass the “Does this sun shine?” test. Perhaps, it is the fault of my tired eyes and poor monitor, but I would say @priort @s7habo fit in the not so good sun category. There are a few others who are less so.

Thanks for reminding me of the term Bezold–Brücke shift - Wikipedia I remember hearing about it but could not for the life of me put a name on it!

Hi Nicolas,

thanks for sharing, gave me a good opportunity to explore the new Flimic v6.

GFX100S-2022-04-18-21h41min33s_07.RAF.xmp (18.0 KB)