Problematic sunset light

As I mentioned in other threads, I’m a sunsetlover and have hundreds of sunsets. Several times I complained about colorshifting, e.g. orange → magenta. This is caused by “preserve chrominance” in filmic. Until today, I don’t understand this, just as desaturating blacks.
Actually, Aurelian has made a YT-Video about this.
I have to watch this Video serveral times - I’ not the most clever human in the world :wink:
In the video he repairs colorshifting remaining “preserve chrominance”.

Many thanks for that.

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my try with RT and Gimp

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Vos photos sont magnifiques, il y a une ambiance particulière qui nous transporte

I had to use Google translate for that one, thank you Google, brilliant service.

But thank you @Domii , I’m humbled :blush::pray: