Raspberry Pi Camera Sony IMX2019 8MP RAW format

In fact the tint does come from my incorrect asumption on pixel ordering. The order is BGGR and not RGGB.

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It was long ago and I might be making this up. :clown_face: I recall there being a raw file that started with a BG row/column but in fact had a CFA configuration of RGGB. I supposed the idea was to give headroom for better demosaicing at the edges, or it was the way it was manufactured and could be discarded.

@volkerjaenisch As I just got an RaspberryPi with an camera it would be nice, if you could sum up your current workflow?

Have you already updated RaspberryPi OS to the latest version with the libcamera changes?
Do you know a nice program for shooting photos that work nice with touchscreens?