Rating Images while in "darkroom" view via numpad

Does anyone know of a way to change the star rating of a photo while in “darkroom” view via the numpad. I know you can always click on the stars on the photo in the filmstrip. Looking in the shortcut settings I don’t see these listed.

I like to be able to qiuckly scroll through my images in lighttable and rank, but when I have a set of images all very similar to one another I “enter” to go to a full screen view and arrow around, then once I’ve settled on the image(s) I like best I’ll give them an appropriate ranking. I prefer to do this with just my keyboard as it’s faster, but as of right now I’ve got to switch back to my mouse to apply rankings.

Unless a module field has actively been right-clicked the number keys have no effect, so it seems like the behavior could be changed so that they function for ranking as in lighttable view unless a module’s editable field is active. I can submit a redmine ticket for this if other people are interested in this behavior.

just press 1 - 5 on the normal numbers row.

You can probably reassign the shortcut for that in the options.

That works for me in lighttable, but not in darkroom.

This works for me in the darkroom too.

Huh, odd. I just tested on my laptop and confirmed what you’re saying. I don’t think my desktop behaves the same, but I’ll have to try it out again.

Maybe you changed the keybinds there.

I did some testing on win10. By default, on my laptop keyboard, the keybinding is set to the row of numbers and not the numpad.

1. If I don’t change the defaults, I can rate in both views, using the row numbers.
2. If I change to numpad numbers, I can rate in lighttable view using numpad but in darkroom using row numbers.
3. If I change back, I cannot rate in darkroom at all.
4. To rectify 3, I need to restart dt.

Note also that some numpads send a unique numpad number, while some send the home row number :wink:

What afre/paperdigits mentioned appears to be my issue on the desktop. home row numbers work for rating in either lighttable/darkroom, but when bound to numpad digits they only work in lightable. There’s no way around this limitation with the numpad keys, is there (aside from just using home row keys, obviously)?

In a related, but not identical question, why can the arrow keys not be assigned to Image Forward/Backward in Darkroom view? As I understand it these are not “global” keys, but only used in lighttable, so they should be re-assignable in the darkroom view, shouldn’t they? I am only able to assign arrows keys to Image Forward/backward in darkroom if I first unassign them from navigation in lighttable view.

I sill have issues with this. On my desktop I use a Logitech k360 wireless keyboard. It has normal top-row digits, as well as a numpad. In dt’s preferences I went in and made sure my image star rating keybindings were to the top-row digits, not the numpad ones (I previously had them set to use the numpad). Even after switching back, restarting DT numerous times, and even rebooting my PC a few times I can still only use the top-row digit keys to rate when in lighttable view. They do no give star ratings if in darkroom.

Nor can I add color labels in darkroom (which I have assigned to keys: ` and F1 through F5.
“R” for reject DOES work in darkroom.

Any advice?

I recall there being a reset button. As for keybinding, I am sure there is a third-party app that could help with that. :wink:

Sorry, when I said keybinding I just ment that defined shortcuts withing dt’s own preference dialog box.

However, using a third part keybinding app may be a viable solution to the problems I am having.

Also, I’ll try the reset button and see if behavior returns to expected.

Update: using “Reset” under the settings>shortcuts page restored proper behavior for Star Ratings (via top-row digits) and for Color Labels.

Guess I’ll need to create an issue that this functionality breaks in darkroom view if you’ve changed your shortcuts. (Running Win10, DT v2.4.1)

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Please do and link this thread for reference.

Issue created: