Raw files pink when open


hi guys,

why my raw files are pink when open?

Canon 2000d
Win 10
RawTherapee 5.4 or NightlyBuilds

As far as I can say, this camera is supported. The sample from https://raw.pixls.us/ opens here with Windows RT 5.4-1012-g5cb42f29e, which is at least a week old.

Which OS you are using?

EDIT: But no, there seem to be issues, both on Win and Ubuntu VM, in the darks.
EDIT2: No issues.

So it looks, anyway, on Windows, with _dev_5.4-1098-ge1742c812:

thks for the help,
i send a cr2 file to the link
can u give me the link to the RawTherapee version u use?
i was trying the version

Don’t send things to raw.pixls.us, unless asked, the sample is already there.

It looks similar in Canon’s software:

No issues with RawTherapee. Your source for dev version is correct, you should see something similar.

My CR2 files only work with lightroom 7.3+ (link) and work with canon digital photo professional, but not with RawTherapee

Which version of RawTherapee do you use?


I have also checked some samples from dpreview.com and they look just fine in RT dev_5.4-1098-ge1742c812, but clearly not in the last, much older official Windows version 5.4 (Commit: a5e8eb9c8
Commit date: 2018-03-20).

So you have to install the development version and it should work. (Clear the old .pp3 files.)