RawTherapee 5.0 Revision 1 Released

We just released RawTherapee 5.0-r1 which is a revision to the previous release. It addresses some issues which came to light after we made the 5.0 release. Functionally the program is the same -there are no new features - but a few bugs are fixed and we recommend all users upgrade.

The fixes include a correction to the version number used by RawTherapee which is stored in the sidecar files and used by the installer (now the installer will not force an overwrite of your previous installation), it adds back a missing theme when using GTK+ <=3.18, prevents a freeze in the File Browser in Windows, and fixes a compilation problem when using GCC 7.

RawTherapee 5.0 builds have been removed from the Downloads page and 5.0-r1 builds will appear within a day or two.

The source code is available from git by checking out the tags 5.0-r1-gtk2 or 5.0-r1-gtk3, or in the form of a tarball from http://rawtherapee.com/shared/source/

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I just got RawTherapee_5.0-r1-gtk2_WinVista_64.zip from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2q9OrgyDEfPS2FpdDAtMVI1RG8.
It is fast, mean and lean! Love it!
Can’t wait for Partha to build the portable version and for Jacques’ kick a$$ Local Lab.

Much better, thanks! The first 5.0 was very slow on my computer, even just loading or rotating a raw file. My computer even crashed three times when I was running RawTherapee 5.0, something that never happened before. I’m on Kubuntu 64 bit.

Here’s a package for Windows 64, using Gtk 3.18: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_AvPFlUj8t5X2ZhQzdsMzI1bmM
(sorry it’s not on filebin.net, the uploading failed for an unknown reason)

@sguyader does it include release+debug+gdb as per this comment ? I don’t use Windows, can’t test.

Ah, sorry I didn’t pay attention to this comment. No the package contains only the release build. I’ll add debug + gdb.

Windows builds are now available from our website: http://rawtherapee.com/downloads/

Is there any way to change the apperance of the sliders lile they were in last version?

Which version? Gtk2 or Gtk3? If Gtk3, which theme are you using?

5.1 is not working at home …
Request to mount a device at startup.
I stay at the 5

Trying to launch the download obtained from the main website, I get this:

Launching the one from sguyader launches just fine. ( Windows 64, using Gtk 3.18: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_AvPFlUj8t5X2ZhQzdsMzI1bmM)

When I installed the new version RT5.0.r1-gtk3 Icould not open it. I kept getting a window that said, “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive H” As I am typing this I see Deno’s post appear, I have the same problem.

@rd52, @DenB, @luxapy
I don’t get this disk message.

What happens when you click on continue or when you start RT a second time?

Same thing and I can’t do anything : RT turn arround this message.
It is difficult to cancel RT, I need to use CTRL+ALT+SUPR and cancel RT with that.
I had already explained that with a version of partha, I had this problem. It seems to me that the problem come from GTK-3

I also have to use task manager to halt the error message and also click the cancel box in the warning. When I try to start RT a second time, I get the same message again. RT is unable to start.

I have the 4.2 Linux version.
Is the latest revision in the package manager? Do I need to remove the one I have now and download/install the new?

@lleo which package manager?

@luxapy @DenB @rd52 which version of Windows are you using?

Seems that to prevent that from appearing you need to go into the Device Manager, enable it to show all hidden and disconnected devices, and delete or disable the storage devices which are not present, such as unused SD card readers.

in Ubuntu. Software center maybe?


@lleo if you follow the instructions at rawtherapee.com, you can get the latest version. There is a ppa.