RawTherapee 5.2 macOS 10.9+ build available

RawTherapee 5.2 was released yesterday. So far there’s a mac build…

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Just curious. I’m on the road for a month stuck with an aging MacBookPro running Yosemite. I don’t want to upgrade because this ancient box is already annoyingly slow, and more memory is not an option.

This latest RawTherapee doesn’t run on Yosemite. Does an archive of older binaries exist somewhere?

Hi. Please test out the 5.3 development build, it -should- run on 10.9.

Re: 5.3 development build

Yes that works just fine, on my aging Mac laptop. I miss my normal Linux workflow of geeqie to rawtherapee to gimp.

Photoshop is OK, but I like what i’m used to. Thank you.

Great @pittendrigh Thanks for testing!

RT runs well on my aging Mac laptop. But I’m stuck here now in rural Texas, on a birding vacation, with no wifi. I have Photoshop but not Gimp. In RT when I click the external editor button nothing happens. How do I map that button to 6 or 7 year old PhotoShop? On older Macbook Pro?

Read the documentation and if you have no luck figuring it out then list the relevant paths and the things you already tried.

Just curious, are you using the very latest dev build? The reason I asked is because a couple of third party libraries in the app were updated a few days ago and was hoping usability is still ok on 10.9. Have an excellent birding holiday!

Yes latest dev build. I found an external editor setting in preferenences>general but still fighting with it. Probably just a file path issue at this point.

Mac doesn’t make it easy to find absolute paths. I’ll get it soon. I have the sent now.