RawTherapee 5.6 will get a Favorites Tab but no GUI to configure it

(Ingo Weyrich) #41

To clarify this: RT 5.6 can have a Favorites Tab. Because I’m not a GUI coder, there is no GUI to configure it. Means, for 99.9% of RT users there will be no Favorites Tab in RT 5.6. The remaining 0.1% can edit the options file to configure it.


(Morgan Hardwood) #42

RawTherapee 5.6 will support a Favorites tab, but due to the looming deadline of the 5.6 release, the graphical user interface which will allow one to add tools to this panel is not yet complete and will not make it into 5.6. As such, desperate users will be able to add tools to the Favorites panel by manually editing the options text file and writing the names of the tools they want featured in that tab, as described in a RawPedia article I’m currently writing which I will link here shortly.


(Morgan Hardwood) #43