Read Node Won't Find Files

I am having the same kind of issue, say no decoder for png (even for mp4 it say the samething)

Its a fresh install of Linux Lite (Unbuntu 20.04 focal,updated) and ive use the ‘’ ~ichthyo/+archive/ubuntu/natron ppa’’ for instaling from Synaptic … so no snap install

heres the images of the problem and the installs components

If anybody can help me.

164797239_387888392713695_1590894704512334966_n 164882484_286472299535960_3992145105057446008_n

Thanks !

Install the official binaries, we do not support binaries made by a third-party.

Can you just explain a bit more… please!

I have try it on windoze… bug bug bug

Try it with snap… no more fonctionnal… keep crashing… i try the deb, no more luck … im like… what is the real way to install it !

There are probably things i dont understand here… sorrry for that.

You download from here: Releases · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub

Bug what? Note we only support Windows 8+

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F*ck me, you found the way to do it… but…

I am kind of very happy and kind of benn putting on the side ways… explanation will follow—)

I keep reading about it for like 6 days… finding other alternative ways to install it… and at a certain point i was like… waht’s wrong… (as i have said, this before… theres is things i dont undrestand in linux and open source software)…

and you gave me the link to a BETA realease… first i was like… no way… not a un-finish version… but hey, waht the hek, i have to loose at this point…

it seem’s to work perfectly for now… (if problem, i will come back…loll)

I am telling you… i’m not very used to Linux, and all of it’s wierd way of fonctionning… so it will probably the last thing’s i would have tryed… (a beta version)

Thanks… Very mutch for that!


You can find the latest stable if you scroll further down on the GitHub page, but at this point I would recommend just using the 2.3.16 beta’s.

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Just wanted to post somewhere that I finally found the answer to this! It appears to be a very strange incompatibility with the Keybase desktop app on Windows. When the app is running Natron will not be able to accept files dragged into the node graph or navigate to folders outside of the root directory. Quitting Keybase resolves the issue.

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Keybase as in Very odd.

Yep! It’s definitely a weird one. My assumption is that it’s gotta be related to Keybase’s filesystem integration?

Could this be related to Natron not being signed?