Recent ART AppImage(s) available?


I am trying to find where I downloaded the last time an ART AppImage. Seems to have gone.

No other options now?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, something on the AppImage page seems wrong there indeed…

@Henk believe me it’s very easy to download from @agriggio bit bucket.
Download [ART-1.18.1-linux64.tar.xz]
Extract it to where ever, I extract to desktop.
Then open folder and click on on the file that says ART.
That’s all there is to it.

@ukbanko, Is there a compressed version for windows?

Sorry, I know nothing about windows, but if you follow the link there’s a Win64.exe to download.

You mean a classic “portable” version? I think there is no official one. I’m also not aware of any third party provider.

I wonder if there is a specific reason for no portable version? It seems that I can copy my default installation folder C:\Program Files\ART to another fresh “never-art-touched” Windows and it works flawlessly. @agriggio do you have any experience about that - could there be any drawback? (except of course that it doesn’t contain its config folder)


Yes, that’s correct.

I know that @gaaned92 has them here . . I’m just wondering if @agriggio has them as well.

Completely forgot about gaaned… :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: It’s bedtime…

I confirm that you can copy the installation folder anywhere you want. If you prefer a “portable” version, just install, copy to usb, and uninstall.


And @ukbanko

Thanks! Very happy with this.