Recovering corrupted .nef files

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@Narayan I once experienced a corrupt SD card after camping and hiking up mountains in Italy’s Dolomites region. The SD card cost just ~35EUR, but the trip and the sweat were essentially priceless. I used to recover what could be recovered. Next, I used Adobe DNG Converter in batch mode to convert all the recovered files (Pentax PEF format) to DNG. I did that to filter out the hopelessly corrupt files from the usable ones. You could try that.

Never use the partition which contains the corrupted or deleted files! Don’t boot from it, don’t use it. Recover to a separate partition, preferably to separate disk if dealing with corruption (recovering to a separate partition on the same disk should be safe if dealing with deleted files, but dangerous when dealing with corrupted files/partitions/volumes/disks).


Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to thank you all for your efforts! I went with Thomas Do’s suggested tool, and this worked fine for me. Thank you!

I decided to get rid of the MacBook and the sd card, to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

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I have corrupted NEF files from a Nikon D7500 I am desperately trying to open. It looks like your pre-script won’t work with this model camera. Do you have anything that would work? I would be SO SO grateful. I am a total noob when it comes to this kind of data recovery. :sob:


@ClaytonJW Welcome to the forum! Have you read the whole thread? There is lots of useful info.

1. As I said above, the most important thing is to stop using the corrupted card or disk and make a bit-by-bit copy of it into an image on a separate piece of hardware. That way you would remove the chance for further corruption due to failing hardware.

2. If you don’t mind, sharing a raw file here (just drag and drop into the editor) is probably the best way to show us the sort of problem you are encountering. It is up to you of course, but it would certainly help us find a solution to your issue, which may potentially be very simple.

(Morgan Hardwood) #25

Adobe DNG Converter worked for me for corrupted files (accidentally deleted and then recovered from an SD card).