Release of G'MIC 1.7.8

Don’t be sorry, all the reports you do are more than useful to me.
I hope I’ll be able to release version 1.7.8 this week, so if you see strange things before, do not hesitate to let us know !

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  • 10/18/2016: Final stable release! Enjoy!

The preview for Smooth [block pca] is not correct:

jeje_denoise_patch_dict_preview :
-gimp_split_preview "-jeje_whiten_frequency {1--2}",-1

I think it must be:

jeje_denoise_patch_dict_preview :
-gimp_split_preview "-jeje_denoise_patch_dict {1--2}",-1

After changing this, the preview is correct.

The whiten_frequency preview is for the “Sharpen [whiten]” filter, that filter is ok