Release of G'MIC 2.2.0

(G'MIC staff) #42

No, it’s actually CImg, the image processing library used by G’MIC that search for a valid path to find convert.exe or magick.exe.
Where is this file located for you ?

(G'MIC staff) #43

I’ve made some important changes today to make the selection behavior more consistent.
Let says there are two different selection modes : ‘standard’ and ‘deep’, that concerns only how selections are handled in 3d volumetric images, with the following meanings:

  • ‘standard’ selection : the user really wants to select a 3d box, meaning he has to select two rectangles, in a least two of the three views XY,YZ and XZ.
  • ‘simplified’ selection : the user wants only to select a rectangle in one view, then the selection is composed of all these rectangles along the dimensions of the other view. For instance, selecting a rectangle in the XY view, and the selection has the maximum depth possible (all slices of the volumetric image).

When doing a selection, the left CTRL key acts as a modifier to select the non-default selection mode for a given command.
Defaults selection modes are defined differently, depending on the command you run:

  • Commands display: default selection mode is set to 'simplified’, as it appears that it is easier and faster to use to explore image data.
  • Commands select and crop (w/o arguments) : default selection mode is set to ‘standard’, as selecting/cropping rectangular regions in 3d volumetric images should naturally allow the more flexibility for these commands.

Note that Command select gets a new argument is_deep_selection={ 0 | 1 } that can be used to change the default selection behavior for this command.
Note also that you can always choose between the two selection modes in any command, using the left CTRL key to switch selection behaviors.

I think this will be more practical this way.


It is on another partition but location didn’t matter before as long as I added them to PATH. Again, it might be something wrong on my end because magick works but convert doesn’t. I will try again but at the default location.

PS I installed it at the default location and it works now. However, I would prefer it to be at another one. Would it be possible for me to direct CImg to a different one?

(G'MIC staff) #45

Not if you don’t compile G’MIC by yourself, I’m afraid.


Tant pis. At least I know where the problem lies.

(Timo Kozlowski) #47

This looks great! Can you install it into GIMP 2.10? I have not been able yet to install g’mic on GIMP 2.9.x releases.

(G'MIC staff) #48

I’ve compiled a new pre-release package for version 2.2.2, available here, with the recent changes I’ve made on the interactive displays.
Feel free to test and report issues (or say it’s fine :slight_smile: ).


I use animate as a display version of the animated GIF. Comments:

  • It would be nice if I could zoom in and out.
  • Dimensions and aspect ratios aren’t preserved. Sequence inherits the first image’s properties.
  • Window titles don’t always match the contents. The larger the image, the greater the delays.


Workaround would be to crop down so that title blur will display image blur and tiger will display tiger.