Release of G'MIC 2.3.0

What is the difference between avg() and mean()?

There’s no difference actually. I should probably remove one !

Hi David, I see the CMakeLists.txt file is still missing from the latest release (2.2.3). Is there something not working correctly?

Oh wait, it actually is included in the github release archive, just not in the source code archive that’s linked from the gmic website. ( )

Hello Sander,
Ah, this is something I need to check. I thought this was fixed :frowning:
I’ll have some time during the week end hopefully.

@saknopper, this is now fixed.
The CMakeLists.txt is now provided with the .tar.gz file in the pre-release source package (
Thanks for reporting !

That’s great, thanks David!

Packages for pre-release of G’MIC 2.3.0 are now available on our pre-release page. Wanna help testing before the official 2.3.0 release ? :kissing_closed_eyes:

Pre-release download pages:

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Do community contributors need to do something different with git to make changes? Apologies if I missed a message about it somewhere…

No, there have been no changes for external contributors.
The only thing right now is that filter update are only generated for version 2.3.0_pre, not for the previous ones (because of the new point() parameter).

  • 2018/06/21 : Release of version 2.3.0.

I don’t see git tags for that :slight_smile:

The tag is here :
The github repo is only a mirror of the framagit one, and it seems that tags are not mirrored.

In future, could you please tag with the correct name git tag -s gmic-2.4.0. This produces nicer git archives with the name e.g. RPM already expects. Thanks!

Currently it is:

I would like to strongly discourage getting the source archive directly from the git repository, since some files are missing in the repo to compile the project (those large files are downloaded by the Makefile if not present, but they are are actually provided in the ‘official’ .tar.gz archive available from the website : Index of /files/source

OK, could you name them with a - instead of _? gmic-2.3.0.tar.gz so that it also matches the directory in it?

Why does the gmic-qt in the source tarball not contain CMakeLists.txt?

Well, we have been told in the past that an underscore is better for archive names, according to Debian rules. If everybody has different rules, I’m not sure we can do something to please everyone :slight_smile:

That’s a good question, I’ll check what is going on.

It would be great if you could use find modules in cmake. For creating find modules I’ve written a script to generate them:

For gmic-qt I would like to build gimp, krita and none with just one cmake run and make.

An install targets would be nice, you can use include(GNUInstallDirs) to install them correctly.

A good read for modern cmake is:

I’ll forward your suggestions to Seb, the creator of the CMakeLists.
I personally know nothing about cmake and don’t use it at all :slight_smile:

You should, it is a pretty good tool :slight_smile:

gmic-qt/COPYING and zart/LICENSE is also missing