Release of G'MIC 2.9

Hello David,

Just tried on the MSI notebook (FULL HD - 15,6 inch)
Windows 10, as usual.

I can grab the border of the image underneath (landascape_c1) but no the one of the image above…

I clicked into the original window!

No error from me, it is a 4096,2731,2,3 image!

Yes, a volumetric image indeed. It’s a bug I’ve just fixed. I’m pushing a new update file in a few minutes.

ok, ^O stores the image from the respective window!

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The fact I don’t understand is why the display windows are so big.
They should never been larger than the half-size of the screen resolution, which is not the case for you. That is a mystery to me.

On my Mac the width of the monitor(s) is the ruling factor. Without 2. monitor eg lena,leno dp appear nicely side by side. Size : 1680,1028

With landscape sample its top/bottom!

With the second monitor and large width the position of the second window is difficult, with landscape image as well as lena/o the title line is outside mouse access! With help of the mac window manager it is possible with some difficulties to get the two windows side by side.

I am really glad to read this…
Because it means you are a human being and not only a super mathematician genius :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Just joking of course

Unlike other French scientists who are in the spotlight right now, I don’t allow myself to say that it works when it obviously doesn’t :wink:

(see for explanations).

Hello David,

What is a strange is that yesterday, when you first released this option I have tested it on Windows 10 with many images (side by side) and it worked extremely well…
Today’s “improvements” have some nasty side-effects on Windows :slight_smile:

As an aside, there is a “famous” french scientist (probably a fraud…) that I recall quite well for his controversial pubblication on Nature:

I’ve tried another thing, to improve the placement of display windows (last experiment for tonight :slight_smile: ). Could you please try:

$ gmic up
$ gmic sp landscape,4096 +b 10 dp

Thanks for all your feedback!

$ gmic sp landscape,4096 +b 10 dp

Works well. Tried to scale it to more images. When at 3x3, the title bars of the top row is above the screen and the bottom of the bottom row is below (as to cut off the info). At 2x2, only the title bars are affected.

I found (and hopefully fixed) a small bug this morning concerning the placement of the display windows by G’MIC (specifically on Windows). This should at least prevent that the window title bar goes out of the screen and that you can always drag it.
Will re-work a bit on the d2d command today, and I’ll post new binaries for the pre-2.9.0.

With 2.9.0 (pre-release #200321), I noticed that when I do help I don’t get the one from user.gmic. Usually, it has priority over update*.gmic.

This happened after I did update just now.

Can’t confirm @afre report.

D:\Programs\G'MIC\gmic-cli>gmic version

  gmic: GREYC's Magic for Image Computing: command-line interface
        Version 2.9.0 (pre-release #200325)

        Copyright (c) 2008-2020, David Tschumperle / GREYC / CNRS.

D:\Programs\G'MIC\gmic-cli>gmic h rep_trsa

  gmic: GREYC's Magic for Image Computing: command-line interface
        Version 2.9.0 (pre-release #200325)

        Copyright (c) 2008-2020, David Tschumperle / GREYC / CNRS.

    rep_trsa: Shortcut for command 'rep_technorobbo_strange_attractor'.


      Generates Attractor Fractal with equations provided by TechnoRobbo.
      (eq. to 'rep_trsa').

It works now. Not sure what happened.

  • 2020/03/28 : Release of G’MIC 2.9.0.

Hello @David_Tschumperle

Just tested the CLI-WIN64 version on Windows 10, on an Asus notebook (13,3 inch as monitor - FULL HD).

With this final stable version I can compare 2 or more images and their corresponding windows (and borders) are correctly visualized so that you can grab and move the windows on your display at leisure.
I have also double-checked with 3 images (same size as usual) and everything is ok and displayed correctly.

THANKS a lot. This version is going to be awesome (just the previous ones, actually) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here is the mandatory screenshot (Asus 13,3 inch, full HD)


@David_Tschumperle, usage of “dp” leads to “dp0”!

On Mac cli 2.9.0 trying e.g. “gmic follic osteo dp0” leads to one un- or little responsive window and an active one. E.g. the little responsive one don’t close with <esc> but freezes the hatched cross or s.t. there is no cross.

Perhaps also an unwished X11 action on Mac?

There is a bug that I have had for a few months but I cannot prove it. Once in a while, G’MIC just stops midway and I have to kill it. Sometimes, it has to do with me accidentally interacting with the console, which is not G’MIC’s problem, but in that case I can complete the interaction and G’MIC continues its merry little process.

This will fix it: