Release of G'MIC 3.0

Does this happen when compiling the plug-in or the cli tool ? (or something else?).
Maybe a make clean cli in the gmic/src folder could fix the issue.

There is actually an issue for the plug-in. I’ve created a pull request for that :

This can be fixed easily, just by $ make gmic_stdlib_community.h in subfolder gmic/src, before compiling the plug-in.

It is Gimp plugin for kubuntu 18.04 / gimp 2.10.22 appimage

and make gmic_stdlib_community.h in subfolder gmic/src works very nicely

thank you very much

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This embeds the updatexxx.gmic file into the compiled plugin. Is that correct.? Seems to be, if I delete that file. However using the interface ‘update’ still downloads the update300.gmic file. Is this just a ‘legacy’ feature or is the file needed for future ‘small’ tweaks?

This is correct. Now, every plug-in user will get all community filters by default, not only those defined in the stdlib.

Could there be a nice way to reference an “image variable” in a command, as if it were an image in the stack?
For example, this is something I don’t think is currently possible:

sp +mirror x
store. my_img_var
add[0] $my_img_var

Yes, obviously you can restore the image first with i $my_img_var and store after. But what I’m thinking about is storing non-image data structures in a way which can easily be passed to other commands which know about it. I suppose the general principle is expanding the use of images as variables, outside of the image stack.

Edit: perhaps multiple image stacks is out of the question too? :slight_smile:

It’s currently not possible indeed, and I’m not sure that would be a good thing after all.
I need to think about it :slight_smile:
I clearly see pros and cons. But cons are more ‘technical’ reasons (so maybe not good ones).

A question, is it possible to implement circular dial for gui version of gmic?

Two One apparent bug related to display windows:

  • I’m probably being stupid, but I can’t hide the mouse pointer with cursor for anything other than window 0
  • Fullscreen mode only: occasional corrupt display when switching between images on a single window (e.g. window 0). This one needs a better bug report, but it looks like a threading problem sometimes still displaying pixels from the previous image. Could also be display driver problem though, so I need to test on other machines.

Update regarding fullscreen problem (it’s my display driver):
I tested on another machine, it does not happen. Weirdly it’s only when the resolution is exactly that of the display, reducing by even 1px (e.g. 1919) makes it go away. Here is a test line if anyone else cares to test it (obviously replace with your screen native resolution):
gmic repeat 20 sp k. r 1920,1080 w. 100%,100%,0,1 wait done

For screen width, height. This might help - G'MIC - GREYC's Magic for Image Computing: A Full-Featured Open-Source Framework for Image Processing - Substitution Rules .

Is this on Windows ?
At least on Linux, this seems to work as expected:

bug :
  sp lena,256
  sp colorful,256
  sp earth,256
  cursor[2] 0
  do wait 100 while 1

opens 3 windows and the mouse cursor disappears only when mouse is over the window containing the earth image.

Will test on Windows ASAP.

Works for me also on Windows (Windows 7).

Works for me on 2.9.9 (win10, pre-210824) as David describes:

Kernel: 5.13.0-7620-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 10.2.1
Desktop: GNOME 3.38.4 Distro: Pop!_OS 21.04 base: Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute

The bug appears only when using a single window. Example:

bug :
  sp lena,256
  sp colorful,256
  sp earth,256
  cursor[2] 0
  do wait 100 while 1



Voici des tests d’affichage plein écran à partir d’un terminal sous Windows 10 64 bits

Terminal Windows ???
La disparition du curseur de la souris est plus ou moins aléatoire et je n’arrive pas à trouver une logique.
Ligne de commande :
gmic cursor 0 repeat 20 sp k. r 1920,1080 w. 100%,100%,0,1 cursor 0 wait done

Terminal MSYS2

La disparition du curseur de la souris est correcte
Ligne de commande :
./gmic cursor 0 repeat 20 sp k. r 1920,1080 w. 100%,100%,0,1 cursor 0 wait done

Le curseur de la souris est présent
Ligne de commande :
./gmic cursor 1 repeat 20 sp k. r 1920,1080 w. 100%,100%,0,1 cursor 1 wait done

@samj Your command is predictable on my system. I only see the mouse at the start but when I move it it is hidden. One oddity is that the image only changes with input: either by mouse clicks/movement or by keyboard. Larger/longer inputs equal to multiple inputs; i.e. scroll through more images. Is this what the command is supposed to do?


Try repeating the command line several times in the same terminal.
You must never see the cursor of the mouse.
You can change the image with the spacing bar, the ENTER key without touching the mouse.

I see what you mean. Before your suggestion, I tried 3 times with the cursor present at the beginning. After several more tries I see your point on it being there and not being there at the beginning. It isn’t consistently correct or wrong. Maybe it is a Windows issue because the OS sometimes has focus problems depending on your configuration and the software in use.

I confirm this. I’ll investigate :slight_smile:

@garagecoder , good catch !!! Thanks !

This should fix the issue.

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