RT Mask Colour Change?

I got asked by a YouTube viewer if there was a way to change the standard yellow colour of the Colour Correction Regions Mask. So, is there a way?

I tried looking on RawPedia and was quite shocked to just one line on CCR - suprising, seeing as I managed to make 3 videos about the same thing!

One line… That’s true…

I guess it’s the downside of the free software.


Viva Rawtherapee!

Hi @Andy_Astbury1, the documentation is quite out of shape in areas. We’re certainly aware… writing new documentation and accepting contributions from users will become easier if we move the system away from MediaWiki. (see An update on Rawpedia - #19 by Entropy512)

As for the color of the mask: it is hardcoded, but perhaps could be made user-editable at some point. I did not manage to deduce where the color is defined tbh… should be somewhere in here: RawTherapee/iplabregions.cc at dev · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub